“The world has lost one of its greatest visionary writers—and one of my favorites from the time I was young. A representative voice for the people of the Americas.” – Barack H. Obama, 44th President of the United States

“In spite of… oppression, plundering, and abandonment, we respond with life. Neither floods nor plagues, famines or cataclysms, not even the eternal wars of century upon century, have been able to subdue the persistent advantage of life over death.” –  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature Laureate

The Epoch Times printed an essential read/brilliant article on the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez today. It demasks/demystifies the sweet nothings that Obama uttered upon the man’s passing. Obama is “center-lefter” much in the mold of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair; that is, of course the kind to stab one’s own most avid proponents in the heart — or at best at least give them a little bit of massah’s crumbs! A man of the people, firebrand, or one of great concern for the “underbelly”, “the lumpen”, or the “hoi polloi”, I think that the answer to that one has to be affirmatively: no.

Anyway, the author of the Epoch piece, Dr. César Chelala, talks about the honor he had to be quoted in one of the late Marquez’s exceptional articles. An article that focused on two main motifs: the first being the abusive relationship of the big industrial powers and Latin American, and the second being the condition of human rights on the continent. Marquez also spoke about the deaths of two strong populist leaders that haunted him in this article that of Jaime Roldós Aguilera as well as that of the Central American General, Omar Torrijos. John Perkins revealed in his voluminously selling Confessions of An Economic Hitman that both had been taken out by what Perkins described only as “jackals”. That the United States government did not give these “jackals” its full, total, and utterly comprehensive approval — to do their worst kind of savagery, would certainly suspend the belief of anyone, or at least any acute observer’s mind! (Perkins confirms in his book that the deaths were for all intents and purposes CIA-conducted assassination jobs.)

Marquez in his article also bemoans the bloodshed of three civil wars — of people’s attempts to shake up the oligarchical status quo, in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. Where according to Marquez the death toll of these wars amounted to some 100,000 souls (in comparing this loss to a similar one hypothetically taking place in the US it would be/extrapolate out to 1,600,000 human beings dead!). In summation of the article, Dr. Chelala I think has pinpointed a critical divergence in character and indeed in the quality of the individual in the sitting American president, versus that of the late but great and much celebrated Columbian author. Chelala offers up this piece of wisdom on what made the essence — indeed, the very marrow of the bones — of the laudable Gabo, “…the best way to honor the memory and keep the legacy of one of Latin America’s greatest writers is not only to remember the literary man, but also the man who always expressed his concern for the dispossessed of the earth.”

Obama has never apologized for any of the multitude of coups d’etat, or diverse crimes against humanity that occurred by United States during the Cold War to our southern neighbor. And furthermore, Obama has also during his presidential regime/reign abetted two coups d’etat in Paraguay and Honduras, and is; in fact, currently working through what Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has described as “[a type of] unconventional war that the US has perfected over the last decades” to bring to fruition a regime change against the Bolivarian socialist state! Considering that one of Obama’s favorites has left this earthly dimension, it seems only natural to consider what his vanilla, lackluster, and uncourageous statements might be being thought of by the man who they were directed towards. Comments that, of course, ostensibly would warm the cackles of his admiree’s (otherworldly) heart. The comments in fact, however, are probably only leaving him wanting for more of an American president — with a stern and a resolute backbone, and indeed empathetic core though.