A man that is often being reported as a “rogue general” in the Western media is making an assault upon the militias that have essentially de facto reigned Libya since the days of Colonel Qaddafi’s erstwhile rule. Egypt’s role in this initiative is being speculated upon in both Western media, as well as media that is endogenous to the Middle East also too. There is some thought in the Middle East that historically, as goes Egypt so goes many of the other Arab regimes withal. I, for one, certainly hope that Sisi proves to be a Nasserist — Gamal Abdel Nasser was Qaddafi’s mentor, and so maybe Egypt will start its soft power off in Libya first. Hifter’s ties to Langley and more broadly, of course, the United States are indeed troubling; however, he’d certainly not be be the first US puppet, ever to do a full 180 degree complete and utter turn! And so if such a flip/transformation is in fact in the works, no should be taken aback; I definitely do not think, for sure.

Bashar Al-Assad had said that political Islam is dead a while ago. I found it to be a strange/curious comment considering that two of his allies (Hezbollah and Iran) are political Islam as per my understanding. Nevertheless, perhaps Arab socialism/nationalism will see a reinvigoration, if political Islam does irrevocably — as Bashar Al-Assad may have essentially presaged — begin to lose its luster in the Arab/Muslim world.