This is an excellent program that appeared on the RT interview show Worlds Apart. The episode is entitled “Peace by Peace”, and is marketed with a quotation from the interview subject, “[That] Militaries [are] outdated, they should go like cannibalism & slavery”. RT though is essentially for outside consumption, however. It’s the same reason that they do a lot more reporting on Fukushima than the Western MSM. Is Russia going to close all of its nuclear reactors, and stop exporting nuclear power technology — this exigent threat to humanity — to other nations? No, of course it’s not going to do that! (Russia, in fact, gets 17.8% of its total electrical energy from nuclear power.)

I actually like RT — particularly with how poor the level of foreign policy criticism and investigative reportage has fallen in Western “journalism”, but a lot of what they are promoting is do as I say not as I do essentially. Some of RT’s programs/programming may appear to be promoting a vision of “our better angels”, or an enlightened humanity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that any of what is being proffered/investigated on the channel will transfer substantively toward the policy making of the government of the Federation of Russia.