The Zionist blitzkrieg upon the largely defenseless Gazan/Palestinian population, the world is currently bearing witness to with great revulsion and indeed great horror. The United States Congress apparently didn’t receive the memo on this, most assuredly, and is instead falling in lockstep with the Zionist barbarian, sociopathic, and, for sure, inhuman slaughter. Certainly, anyone who still had any grand delusion that the rogue superpower — as well as its honorary 51st territory — had any moral merit at all, the ship must have unequivocally sailed on that one, for now, and moreover likely for eternity!

The shameless propagandists of the Zionist rogue entity, come on to the variegated media outlets with platitudes, postulations and alleged factual points bearing no basis to any currently known (or recognized) international law. And moreover, bearing no basis in fact — to what anyone with eyes willing to see them, acknowledges that are indeed the true circumstances of the situation on the ground. These arrogant, chutzpah driven propagandists proffer canards such as that Israel no longer even occupies Gaza (that it retreated from there years ago), and bromides such as that its (Israel’s) feral and marauding forces constitute — what these shameful propagandists like to call — “the most moral military in the world”.

A moral military, however, doesn’t attack an occupied and a besieged population in the first place; methinks, and I dare say that I’m certainly not extending to far out on a limb on that one! A moral military conglomeration, I’d say, rather would actually attack a state with a standing army similar to — or quite alike — another standing military of equal or relatively close to the strength of that aforementioned army!