I don’t see what contacting the devils in Congress is going to accomplish. As far as I’m concerned Hezbollah and Iran are the only organizations in the world that can actually do anything! The Sunni Arab leadership is all sold out, Al-Sissy is a limp-wristed trollop! I’ve heard reports that Hamas has supported the people in the Sinai against him, which if true is a mistake, Sissy is still a piece of vermin though in my book! The Sunni Arab “leaders”, it pains me to call them, would put their own people up for slaughter to appease the Zionists! So obviously, they are not going to do anything for the long suffering Palestinian Gazans!

For the first time — I’ve not been a believer in this, I can see how the Arab “leadership” would just roll over and allow Greater Israel to happen! And whatever atrocities the Zionist rogue entity commits, the Zionist occupied West will just stand idly by “observing”! And furthermore, they’ll just let Netanyahu and his neo-fascist minions commit all manner of barbarism/butchery and, in fact, they’ll even supply him! And so additionally, they’ll just, as i say, stand idly beside him — which indeed translates to at least for all intents and purposes — to essentially being 100% fully behind him!