The Zionist terror machine as it rolls through Palestinian neighborhoods hitting civilian targets has still not provided evidence of the alleged cause of this “conflict”. And the US has just approved over $200 million dollars, via the Zionist-occupied Congress — the Zionist subservient/bootlicking Congress — for a missile shield described as 5% or less effective by an MIT professor, and as I say, the evidence of the casus belli of this monumental humanitarian catastrophe has still not been produced!

But the Hamas “800-pound gorilla”, of course, has to be crushed because the occupied and besieged tiny strip of land must essentially take their smallpox blankets — and they must like it! The Palestinians must be scalped, and their will and their spirit and their determination, unequivocally, have to be crushed for good! The Gaza reservation must give no kind of resistance to the Zionist colonial settler forces/project, in the Zionist pursuit of their apparent final mission. A final mission that would certainly appear to be to have entirely no pushback, indeed. And furthermore one begins to absolutely wonder, if the plan is to ultimately have no (Arab) human life at all in Gaza such that Israel can, of course, (like any “good” colonial settler state would) unilaterally subsume Gaza within the confines/boundaries of the contiguous land mass of so-called Israel proper.