Jon Voight, probably best known for playing a gigolo, thinks that he has a grasp on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Following in the footsteps of “eminent political sophisticates” and “thought leaders” like the zany and loopy humorists Jackie Mason, Joan Rivers and Howard Stern, Voight is weighing in on the public discourse.

Voight not surprisingly repeats the canard of Israel as the Middle East’s “only democracy”. When anyone who has more than a cursory understanding of the rubbish put out of there by groups such as AIPAC, knows that Israel is actually a racist, discriminatory, segregationist and apartheid state! And that’s only within the green line of the so-called Israel proper. In the occupied territories — which at least in the case of Gaza Israel strangely and flagrantly claims (in contravention of international law) that it doesn’t occupy — the situation is at best that of a “pacified” colonial possession and at worse akin to the Warsaw Ghetto. Israel has famously (and infamously) even said that it has put the Gazans “on a diet”, a description of this villainy other than Nazi-esque; so as not to appear impolitic, one strains to imagine.

As the late great Helen Thomas correctly stated who actually knew something about politics (in lieu of fake fur coats and sequins and g-strings) — at least if Israel is not willing to give its Arab citizens equal rights — that the current occupiers of Palestine should indeed go back to Poland, Germany, and America and everywhere else that originally from whence they came. And furthermore, to give the nation of Palestine back to the Semitic Levantine people who were the aboriginal and indeed indigenous inhabitants of the land.