The proverb of the enemy of my enemy is my friend would certainly seem to be a central tenet of the Obama foreign policy. A foreign policy that has included the support, and at least de facto promotion of, essentially medieval forces in Syria, and Libya and a number of other places as well. This policy has fomented looking the other way as US allies Saudia Arabia and Pakistan have fostered the jihadi menace. And so I think when invoking the enemy of my enemy of is my friend, the operative question then that has to be asked is who this enemy — at any given time — in fact/actually is?! I’ve not seen where the US policy of the enemy of my enemy is my friend has ever been a good policy.

This policy has included backing Latin American juntas, backing all manner of ghastly regimes (in the name of anti-communism), and as I say backing what amount to for all intents and purposes medieval forces in current — and recent — American debacles! So dear Obama administration do contemplate a little more deeply this one-size-fits-all/cookie cutter policy of the enemy of my enemy is my friend! I beg of you to please reassess this knee-jerk support/blanket encouragement for individuals and groups who make Christian Dominionists almost seem progressive in comparison to these grisly, anachronistic, unenlightened and outmoded folks.