The zio-Wahhabis never attack Israel, they seem to be wholly committed to the Zionist cause. Thus the name zio-Wahhabis, lol. What kind of a Caliph says nothing about the savagery we’ve just witnessed by the Zionist entity against his brethren (mainly Sunni Muslims) in essentially the “Warsaw Ghetto” of Gaza?!

I mean their name initially included the Levant (not sure the meaning of IS they want to take over the world now?, a new branding/marketing strategy?). It’s not like we’re talking about some far away and distant land here. This Caliph’s military strategy and pronouncements somehow seem to be lacking a strategy to overtake the Zionist-occupied territory in the Levant!

Al-Monitor has some principles that the Salafis follow, not surprisingly these groups haven’t gained much of a foothold in Gaza. Bernie Sanders was recently using some Zionist propaganda seemingly saying that we have to stand with Israel as kind of a bulwark against IS and Salafism. Undoubtedly, also implying in his statement that Israel is an “enlightened force” and a “force for good”. But these groups have so many concerns prior to the Palestinians that it’s not even funny, though.