Elizabeth Warren has recently given a full-throated and muscular defense of Israel, at a town hall meeting with some of her constituents in Hyannis, Cape Cod Massachusetts. The senator sounding much akin to a John McCain, Ted Cruz or any of the other most ardent Zionists and militaristic and hawkish supporters of the international pariah state. Warren stated that Hamas has attacked Israel indiscriminately, and that those attacks levied by Hamas, however, have not been as effective as that group would have hoped though, essentially thanks to the “indefatigable efforts” of the oft-touted Iron Dome system.

Well, I, for one, think that it’s a shame that Elizabeth Warren doesn’t know that one of her constituents, professor at MIT and physicist Theodore Postol, has debunked the Iron Dome actually. Saying that the much-ballyhooed success about it is actually a sham, and that is only 5% or less effective veritably. Additionally, the good senator does not seem to be aware of Israel’s doctrine of indiscriminate (state) terror called the Dayiha Doctrine. And this is an extremely abhorrent doctrine unequivocally that is fundamentally a theory which says, to quote the Israeli General Gadi Eizenkot, “[That Israel] will apply disproportionate force and cause great damage and destruction. From our standpoint, these are not civilian villages, they are military bases.” And moreover, even an “ethicist” that is employed by the IDF so-called most moral military forces has also argued that the Israeli state has an important duty to protect its citizenry, including its soldiers in battle, and that this extends to the killing of not only “enemy combatants”, but to the killing of neighbors of them as well.

No doubt the senator has been given some scripts or talking points, to be read off like a marionette by the pro-Israel lobby/forces. The senator should be made aware of these important points too I think, though, as well. And this is to say if she has any independence to take them to heart quite literally, and to perhaps even possibly alter her position, which appears to be one, seemingly, of unconditional support for the rogue state/rogue actor of Israel.