A recent Homs bombing that targeted an Alawite section of the city also murdered 41 children. Additionally, the bombing is said to have taken place in a government-controlled area. Although, no group has taken responsibility for the attack one would think that United States government would be deeply, and readily interested in who exactly that are the culprits behind it. And with so much reportage out there on the FSA making common cause — and being comrades-at-arms in the field of battle with extremist groups — even if this wasn’t an FSA attack (who have certainly bombed civilian targets before), it’s nevertheless virtually unequivocally a group that the FSA will undoubtedly at times “saddle up” with.

But of course as I’ve said considering that there’s little doubt that the “great democratic rebels” of the FSA have beforehand bombed civilian targets, it’s unlikely that the US and its Western collaborators would even bat an eyelash were the FSA incontrovertibly found to be the main culprit of who it is that was indeed behind this ghastly explosion.