Russian president Vladimir Putin recently offered up a brilliant lesson on US chutzpah and moreover hubris, as well as bravado, and indeed braggadocio in the realm of international affairs. Rarely, in truth, have we ever seen Western leaders offer up a lecture with such breadth, and moreover in fact deep and keen insight on the goings-on that we daily witness throughout the world. The callous destruction of the post-WWII international parameters that the US has taken upon itself — seemingly by divine right — Putin elucidated expertly. Asking where this all leads is, of course, an essential question too. Reaping what one sows is obviously a biblical precept, ergo when the chickens come home to roost what will that look like for we the “little people” — and with our outwardly focused, ultra-megalomaniac and moreover crackpot ruling class.

An elite class that appears to be singularly focused/fixated on foreign wars and imperial conquests. As opposed to, of course, building up the health and well-being of this country. A truly sinister game it is, most assuredly, and the Russian leader has issued a dire warning, indeed for anyone that is willing to hear.