There was in interesting article recently in Haaretz on the US relationship to the nations of Israel and Cuba. The Cuban lobby being harshly antagonistic to any change in policy is definitely a factor in the potential alteration of said policy to a more bold/enlightened one. And furthermore, the aforementioned article additionally points out that Cubans (traditionally Republican of course) are now split about 50-50 between the “two” duopoly parties. You’d think this could actually be a trend that the community is getting more open-minded and moving away from the community’s previous orthodoxy. And yet, contradistinctively perhaps on the issue of the communist/socialist government of Cuba there hasn’t been much change overall, however. And so in that case, the Cuban-Americans being equally divided amongst the D’s and the R’s actually bodes very poorly for any kind of future change in policy, transparently.

I mentioned the Cuban lobby — which I’m certainly not an expert on, but I think that it almost certainly consists of mainly, if not entirely, the “old guard” and their way of thinking. The part of the community that is immensely powerful in Florida, most assuredly, but additionally holds some sway within the corridors of power in Washington, DC very much also.