Arch-uberzionist moneybags Haim Saban has said that he will do everything that can he can in order to elect Hillary Clinton. Do folks think in that case that critics of Israel as well as the illicit occupation of Palestine should maybe then do everything that we can to stop her? Of course, the two party tyranny and handmaiden of the 1% leaves much too desire. We can be positive though that an ardent Zionist will come out of the GOP fold, however. Not that any sane person would actually vote for them, but nevertheless — and just for kicks at least — we should probably minimally make some mention of them in passing. Returning to the crux of the matter that is front and center, anyhow, is there any good reason for critics of Israel or the pro-Palestinian forces, to actually get behind a formidable (Democratic Party) challenger?

Perhaps if the aforementioned forces and individuals get behind such a challenger, and we can try and make our presence known — although there’s definitely a good chance sadly but realistically that we’ll be sold out — as a potential victory, though, and hopefully more than a Pyrrhic one. That a hypothetical Democratic nominee might be aware that there was a fair contingent behind him (or her) organized around, and focused on altering the US-Israel seemingly petrified/very unmoving status quo policy.

And lastly, and upon further reflection being stealth so to speak could be the way to go, possibly on this one. Indeed, especially considering that the Zionist-occupied media will, virtually without any doubt come down upon us quite severely.