Protonmail is a new encrypted email service that is out there, although in the beta phase, and it has even been reported that it is capable of “stopping the NSA”. Bill Binney, former high-level NSA official, seems pretty unimpressed with virtually everything other than Tor (and from what I can tell he’s not genuinely sure about that). Which leads one to even wonder, I think, if Lavabit actually worked? Did that “stop the NSA” so to speak — or more of the same thing actually — that is to say, should it actually be lumped in with all of the others that Mr. Binney poo-poos.

I’d think Protonmail is very similar to Lavabit, and that did seem to unequivocally irk the US government. But maybe they didn’t even want to give the simulacrum of the safety of not being snooped upon to people! Haha. I forget why the Lavabit founder didn’t want to move Lavabit out of the US, but I think it was more than that he just lives here, lol. The fact they (Protonmail) are in Switzerland, maybe that doesn’t add up to what they are saying. And moreover, I guess that what some are even suggesting in the hacker/tech community is that even whilst using a Protonmail or a Lavabit, it’s effectively useless with a computer that has all kinds of backdoors. Additionally, if one is using a non-open source router (which although I don’t know the exact percentage means virtually everyone!), I’d think that is extraordinarily helpful for the “American Stasi” boys. Still, all of this would lead one to wonder why Tor is effective? And yet, that’s probably a whole ‘nother ball of wax altogether and, of course, I don’t understand how that works.

In summation, these tech people don’t really seem to understand geopolitics/neoimperialism, haha. Unless someone/something is based in or coming out of Venezuela or the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) or some such, I view it as that America has essentially free rein there. This isn’t just about tech (which I generally don’t understand) that’s just a blanket statement about everything! Based upon the particulars, of course, there might be some exception(s). Pirate Bay is based in one of the Scandinavian countries, I think. But sometimes I wonder if even something like that is some sort of “controlled opposition”. However, based upon its effects on the music as well as the movie industry, on the face of it at least, I’d think in that instance that it’s extraordinarily unlikely though.