I’m not an expert on cultural Marxism, but I don’t put a lot/much stock in it. At least as it is used by the right-wing. The reason I raise not being an expert is that I doubt much serious study has been put into it. The right uses it as the “tabula rasa idea” that all individuals are essentially the same. And indeed, my suspicion is that that may be a misinterpretation; kind of crude interpretation of it really, but as I say I’m not an expert on it — and certainly not going to read a bunch about it to try to get myself “up to speed”.

As to the idea that cultural Marxism is being used to “destroy the white race”, or a slow motion genocide upon Western culture or something: there have been flows of people probably since man moved on from hunting and gathering. People want to come to the West because it is wealthy, and we also prop up many governments that don’t allow people to organize and agitate for change in their home countries. Also it was the West that colonized the whole world, and not the other way around. I guess that there’s some retribution for actually going around the world and essentially subjugating people, huh?

There may be more immigration to the West currently and in recent history than seen at a lot of, and perhaps even all other times. The elites/the power elite certainly may have a hand in stoking this, I certainly don’t know, however, that this is all part and parcel with their strong belief in cultural Marxism! The right seems to have a theory out there that the world’s most powerful people are somehow “socialist” or dare I say even “communist”! So far as I can tell since the fall of the Eastern Bloc countries the vagaries of capitalism have only been worsening, and virtually everything public in the West (and probably virtually everywhere save perhaps Venezuelan and a handful of other countries) is under a constant and ongoing attack — and the privatization vultures so to speak are indeed even mirthfully salivating!