A big part of of why the “Israel Project” is so out of step with the present is because that it is a colonial/colonialist project, indeed. Human rights is a concept that only came about — in its ultimate/present formation at least — in the mid to late 20th century. Today however it seems bizarre that one of the “justifications” for Israel (or a Jewish state) is European anti-Semitism and the Holocaust — and yet now all or most of the wars of the West seem to be waged, at least ostensibly on the basis it (human rights)!

The project of Israel is an anachronism, though. Stolen lands and genocide to displace one group of people and replace them with another group of people, just shouldn’t have any legitimacy with anybody anymore. Israel has encroached so far on what would have been the two-states, as Noam Chomsky has pointed out with the intention of only leaving bantustans for the Palestinian people. Although, I do believe that whatever the final agreement is that it will be put up to a referendum to be voted on by all of the Palestinian people. And I should think that it stands to reason that based upon an illicit occupation that has been ongoing for some 47 years that Israel has great pressure on itself to push for a just (and one that will be long lasting) peace agreement. Indeed, in order join the rest of the world as a legitimate country. It’s quite clear to me that its government(s), instead, drag their feet however, and seem to be using the “peace process” as a ruse in order to continue on with their aggressive; as well as illicit of course, territorial expansionism.

It’s no wonder then that the PA would seek to make a “unilateral” decision like attempting to join the International Criminal Court (ICC)! Israel has made a “unilateral decision” like becoming the only nuclear power in the Middle East, for instance! And there hasn’t of course been any concomitant hue and cry about that! And moreover, it (the state of Israel) has also made “unilateral” decisions such as: building illegal settlements, making repeated military incursions unquestionably into occupied Gaza, bombing the sovereign nation of Syria, and in past history even annexing the Golan Heights.

And so, it’s said that history is written by those who won. Well, any person of good conscience who has been following the Israel/Palestine conflict can tell that the same can certainly, at least roughly, be true of the present! But a learned individual also said that the arc of the moral universe bends towards justice, and so additionally anyone that follows this situation closely should also know just how untenable, and how flimsy and indeed how “see through” moreover that the propaganda and the PR that is behind it (the pro-Israel narrative) clearly is! And furthermore, how it is just so lacking as compared to its absolute utmost level of effectiveness! And withal, how it is just so in fact not going to cut it anymore! Indeed, anyone who meticulously follows the conflict and what’s more is assiduously looking at the signposts, as well as reading the tea leaves, knows exactly what’s up ahead.