It’s interesting that still somewhat fresh off the US and Western backing of the ouster of the democratically elected Yanukovich of Ukraine that today we are seeing the US backing its authoritarian ally Saudi Arabia in attempting to reinstall the displaced dictator of Yemen, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi. For years in the US corporate/corporatist MSM we heard the cacophonous refrain of, “the dictator Fidel Castro, the dictator Fidel Castro, the dictator Fidel Castro…” again and again. Additionally, in more recent years we’ve heard the late democratically elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, referred to as a dictator by many ignorant and propagandist “pundits” in the said “mainstream” press. And so taking heed of these facts I think that it’s only proper to offer up a word to the wise democrats of the world who may be working against illiberal regimes all across this planet and that is: certainly don’t trust the United States global democrats as some kind of patron for your efforts in order to bring free and fair elections, and all of the other elements that go along with what it means to have a truly democratic system.

Hadi, of course, came to power via an “election” with one person, and yet still somehow he’s being referred to in the Western press as somehow being legitimate to rule Yemen. Perhaps the Western press still secretly adheres to the divine right of kings or some such, while what Paul Craig Roberts has referred to as the “great moral West” purports to champion struggling democrats wherever they may occur. And when we know, of course, that in the sordid game of imperialism that autocrats, authoritarian rulers and many of the variegated and multifarious despots that are amenable to US and Western corporate interests are really what “toes the line” in assessing who is a “proper” and “acceptable” and a “legitimate” leader of a particular nation-state/regime.