I believe that I am an actually not sure who won the Rethug party’s presidential debate on Thursday. I haven’t seen if Trump has dropped much/at all in the polling because (just from my reaction) I think that Trump though was actually the loser. He kind of “blended in” I would say and his strength had been standing out at least somewhat, and almost becoming like a Howard Beale of sorts in the Republican field. Although, as I said I am not sure Jeb Bush may have been the winner because dissimilarly to Trump all he needs now, at least at this point in the presidential campaign, is to blend in and be considered “one of the guys”. One of the guys indeed and moreover actually in lieu of being considered to be an out of touch elitist from a dynastic family — and furthermore hopelessly out of step with the Republican Party and talk radio base too. So Bush’s stock probably somewhat raised, Trump’s hurt in my opinion.

And once again although I didn’t see a standout, as I say however, I think that is what Trump hoped to do (stand out), and Jeb actually benefits from doing precisely the opposite thing at least at this juncture in the presidential campaign.