I think that there was kind of “shoddy journalism” done in a way on PNAC, I’m just learning. Dick Cheney actually only signed the “Statement of Principles” of that group. It was a document called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” that had the Pearl Harbor reference.

I’ve seen extensive PNAC signatory lists such as this one. And although, I’m not sure how many “official documents” or whatever that PNAC produced, whenever I saw someone called a signatory connected with PNAC I thought that it referred to the much ballyhooed/oft-trumpeted Pearl Harbor document. It seems a very broad brush was commonly used, however, to call someone a PNAC signatory, which actually meant someone who ever signed anything that PNAC produced.

Moreover, I cannot find anything that Chuck Schumer signed myself, which the hyperlink I provided above, as aforementioned, is an example of an extensive list of signatories (that has Chuck Schumer’s name). And so, it would seem that some names that were out there — and connected with the PNAC vile/repulsive neconservative group — may have even been wrongly targeted with that sordid charge. Right Web has 16 documents of PNAC’s that even some Democrats and nominal liberals have signed — and Chuck Schumer’s name does not appear.

The names that did sign the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” are not kind of the “rock stars” of evil, and most notorious/dishonest/disagreeable/infamous individuals that were/have ever been affiliated with that sordid crowd (although Scooter Libby, Kristol, the Kagans, Dov Zakheim and Paul Wolfowitz are there). Whatever one makes of all/any of this here is nevertheless and notwithstanding the actual, total, full and complete list of all of those who rather ignominiously signed: Roger Barnett, Alvin Bernstein, Stephen Cambone, Eliot Cohen, Devon Gaffney Cross, David Epstein, Dan Goure, Donald Kagan, Fred Kagan, Robert Kagan, Robert Killebrew, William Kristol, Mark Lagon, James Lasswell, I. Lewis Libby, Robert Martinage, Phil Meilinger, Mackubin Owens, Steve Rosen, Gary Schmitt, Abram Shulsky, Michael Vickers, Barry Watts, Paul Wolfowitz, and Dov Zakheim.