There is a dangerous current indeed that presently seems to be “gaining steam” in the alternative media. And in fact, I’m also thinking about writing something much deeper/more extensive myself on this and distributing it to a lot of alternative media. So we can crush this bug/growth even before it starts, and so as to even hopefully stop a lot of individuals from the joining ranks of this nascent movement — and moreover as close as is at all possible to its origination point/start.

Under New Age veneer, holistic medicine, UFOs, conspiracy porn, etc. there is basically a camouflaging by a number of programs going on of an agenda that amounts to clearly: neo-fascism. I think a lot of people unknowingly — or perhaps they are simpatico or lack scruples? — are going on some of these shows unaware that they are concerned about such bankrupt ideals and inane hogwash like “white genocide” (non-existent and not close to a realization), and about the “indigenous populations” (read: white populations) of Western societies — and the future prospects of these populations (which on some levels is fine, the birth rate issue brings to mind Likudnik Israel [a certain fascist regime] that is deeply concerned/keeps great tabs on the Arab and Jewish birth rates both within the green line and without).

We need to fight this dangerous current in the alternative media, I believe. Those of us with a sophisticated/progressive populist understanding of economics have already known what a threat that right-wing libertarianism/Paultardism has been. But this new current that seems to building steam, and “burgeoning” in the alternative media could potentially lead to something even worse! And which we, of course, never even thought that was possible! Haha. Forgive the impertinence a laugh or cry sort of thing though, egads.