Former chief of staff for Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson, I think makes an excellent point in this interview. In contradistinction of course to like the anti-Semtic nuts or whatever who think that the Jews control the entire world. Those folks I’m pretty sure believe that Israel would be able to be an apartheid state — and for a long time. Because they say that the Jewish supremacism practiced in Israel is hypocritical (which I would think implies that they also believe that it will be enduring), and while according to their claims Jewish intellectuals and “Jewish media” have propagated “cultural Marxism” on the Western formerly “white countries”. Things that I would view as really efforts to take away the second-class citizenship status of non-white peoples (along with women’s rights/feminism), they view as attacking the previous white (and Christian) character of Western nations — and that additionally according to their analysis have been propagated heavily by Jews in order to weaken the communities and indeed the overall power of white Christian Europeans. I concur with Mr. Wilkerson though that once there is little doubt; and it was widely accepted that Israel is an apartheid regime that it couldn’t last more than at most a few decades!

The Zionist propaganda though is quite effective. I’m not sure that it’s imminent that this apartheid conclusion will be widely accepted, particularly in the US. Where Israel has been wildly successful at representing itself as a Western-style democracy. We are only starting now at enlightening people! Could it take 5, 10, 15 years or even longer to dispel their sordid propaganda — and indeed, verily, to breakthrough with the truth?!!