There’s been a turn in the Alex Jones Show it’s really a mean-spirited show today. Somebody who can just have “charity drives” for a multi-thousand dollar media operation, I wonder why would be such a bitter, spiteful and mean person? It appears that he operates like a Jimmy Swaggart or something, it wouldn’t surprise me that he thinks of Infowars as some kind of a spiritual operation — he certainly thinks of himself as a type of second coming, lol — or much like these other Christianity Inc. charlatans, who can thank their flocks for their McMansions. Preaching is no higher calling than trading derivatives in Manhattan, apparently. Whereas in mainline Christian denominations I believe that pastors virtually without exception all live quite modestly. And if I recall my history correctly, this was an aspect of the Protestant reformation; in fact, of how “high on the hog” that many the priests (or the “priestly class”) at that time were actually living.

I mean he has said stuff in the past, like assuming because a person is black that s/he is on welfare, and a single mother is “married to the state”… I’m not quite sure what he means in the latter configuration, but I’m sure that there are a good number of single mothers in this country who don’t get any public assistance or perhaps even help from the fathers of their children.

Which reminds me of a particular topic that he seems to like to troll regularly, and that is feminism. And along with that it seems to me that he finds a new target to troll — along with with his Anglo-lackey from across the pond (why he is so involved in internal American politics I can’t say) Paul Joseph Watson — every few days.

Jones claims to be a builder, and “leftist globalists” are the destroyers, but he seems to be looking for groups (anew) that I don’t find to be all too powerful to go after with virtually each passing day!

To understand the title the reader would have to had a heard a sound clip that has often been played on the Howard Stern Show of Billy Crystal uttering, “It’s Not Funny, It’s not Fun.”