The BBC has been ridiculing the purported actual capabilities of the Russian military. I would put a lot of stock in the Russian military as well as weaponry (which of course is also being questioned), though. A lot of the scare mongering that goes on I don’t put a lot of stock in, however. I generally think that most militaries in this world have very limited capability. Other than the militaries of the US, Great Britain, Russia, France and perhaps China… I don’t think the other militaries of the world can really do a whole lot, at least in hypothetical battle against any of these top militaries.

I’d think both Japan and Germany in not too long of a time could get their militaries up to snuff so to speak, to get at least somewhat close to the others I’ve mentioned. Other militaries that have a lot of troops, but I’m very dubious of what actual capabilities that they might have are Egypt, India, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.

I’m not really sure of the capability of the Israeli military, they have a lot of top flight stuff (military gear, materiel, technology, etc.), but being such a small nation — and they “war” with Gaza which is basically a refugee camp, so it pretty much doesn’t tell us much about their military’s actual capability, I’d say.




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