Alex Jones is not a libertarian anymore. After flogging the Paul family for ten plus years, he’s totally cast aside Rand — who he’d been an apologist for prior saying he was simply “moving to the center”. He seems to be backing Donald Trump today, who just released Jeb Bush’s tax plan (a plan that is akin to Jeb Bush’s plan); and early on in the GOP primary Jones had called Jeb Bush a “Rockefeller Republican”. All the Rockefeller Republicans were purged from the party some while ago, so I don’t haven’t the foggiest idea what he means in that. But anyway, I don’t know why a libertarian would have any interest in a candidate issuing a tax plan so similar to a “statist” candidate that he despises. And Bush is essentially just a recycling of his brother really, but he doesn’t do the Southern populist thing like his brother, he appears to be more so like the guy who attended elite New England Eastern establishment institutions (his brother of course Yale, Harvard, Andover [which Jebby also attended] “good ole Texan”, lol).

Early on Trump was talking a lot about tariffs, I don’t know if that’s an issue that’s still on his plate/agenda or not (decidedly non-libertarian to intercede in the so-called free market in such a way). Also I’ve heard nothing but crickets from “The Donald” on the Stasi-esque state that this country has now turned into. And what will be his reforms/proposals, if anything on that… Trump has also strenuously opposed the Iran deal — supported by many libertarians (including Ron Paul), and appeared to say that he’ll do nothing to rethink, if not strengthen, the so-called special relationship with Israel.

I don’t read the Drudge Report — I don’t as a custom read the webpages/political reports of sewer rats/slugs — (Matt Drudge appears to have taken on the role that the Paul clan had previously occupied for Alex Jones), but I’d think it’d be a great platform to oppose all the wars stridently as well as the Stasi state practices put into place by Bushbama. I highly doubt Drudge has used his considerable platform to vociferously protest these egregious crimes/measures. I’ve never been a libertarian and so perhaps I’m riled up, lol, simply over something that’s not really any of my business at all, but Alex Jones “political compass” IMHO would appear to be essentially all over the map!