I might be mistaken, but I believe that the Supreme Court has ruled that an employee of a private corporation can be fired for what s/he has said. Usually union or government workers would have far greater rights than those non-union and/or in the private sector, I would think. I don’t know how anyone in Amerika can think that s/he would be able to say anything and remain in good standing at their job. (Except for quite possibly the case of tenured university professors [I could see tenured school teachers might at least ostensibly have similar if not the same protections I would expect the scrutiny of them to be far greater though, whatever their actual legal rights on paper, and so I don’t think public school K-12 teachers for one second should think that they actually have freedom of speech and expression in the US], which as part of their tenure are supposed to be protected in order to allow for free intellectual inquiry.)

Perhaps the Truth Movement should organize and raise money to set up an NGO or some such that would provide lawyers and free legal defense when a case such as this arises. A case of an individual speaking out about controversial topics — and perchance even so-called conspiracy theories, who is dismissed from his or her job that is. And do this in order to perhaps make freedom of speech something that is real, wholly certifiable and tangible, rather than just for the independently wealthy and maybe a handful of others who — for whatever reason — don’t have to work/slave away at a day job.