Barack Obama had said more than few times fairly recently I believe that his mother was allegedly a secular humanist. And moreover, Obama has even spun his own mother’s secular humanism in such a way that she appreciated something of value in all of the world’s religions. I consider myself to be an agnostic actually, I’m not sure what all the qualifications are to be a secular humanist. I’m not actively pursuing a membership in it though, haha.

Secular humanists however are probably more commonly people who put virtually no stock at all in religion (consider it as superstitious hogwash), and so Obama has spun his mother’s alleged lack of belief into essentially that although she did not believe a single one of them (religion), she appreciated all of them. A very crafty maneuver, indeed, I’d say in order to not rankle the dyed-in-the-wool religious in this country into thinking that Ann Dunham was the worst kind of godless heathen. Instead, she’s the best kind of one (godless heathen), at least according to Barack Obama’s rendering of his now sainted mother’s past — that is!