Donald Trump wasn’t for peace with Iran. He was in lockstep with the lobby on the Iran peace deal, in fact. He’s not for Israel/Palestine peace, he’s for the status quo it sounds like from what he’s said. Of Israel given carte blanche by the US to maraud the Palestinians essentially. And furthermore, I would even think that he’d be closer to George W. Bush than Barack Obama on US/Israel relations. Obama in actuality is moderately less pro-Israel than Dubya, and he has a personal animus with Bibi Netanyahu. (I think that it’s been far overstated/overblown of how Obama is allegedly “anti-Israel”.)

I must admit though that I haven’t followed many of Mr. Trump’s polices, and indeed I’ve stopped listening to anything he had to say after about a week of his campaigning. That would stun me however to learn that he is in fact a peace candidate.