I think the Alex Jones Show is trying to “go mainstream” or something. There’s been a lot of changes in the show IMO over this past year. I think he has accepted that offer to be like the Rush Limbaugh of the next generation or something (I’ve heard him make reference on air many times to “the system” [don’t recall if that is the precise term he used] essentially giving him a plum position in radio and/or other media if he would just join with them).

I personally never cared very much prior to this year that I didn’t agree with many of his views, or that he is so widely vilified as a gatekeeper. It seems he may have been timid on some issues — or didn’t go that far on many issues, but I have liked his show basically for many years.

In the past I heard Jones say that Reagan was basically a psyop for essentially what would have been like proto-Tea Party people of that day (so-called Patriot Movement, libertarian, or at least libertarian-leaning people probably too as well). When he had Trump on he agreed with Trump’s assessment that Reagan was the greatest president in the modern era! And he also said that Reagan wanted to make America great too!

He’s always been wishy-washy on Israel, but I have heard him make some serious criticism of them in the past, now he says that he “stays neutral”, and most of his guests seem to be strident Zionists as well. Here’s a clip from the Alex Jones Show discussing the USS Liberty incident with Dr. Francis Boyle in two thousand and twelve. And also discussing the Pentagon having intel at the time that the Likudniks may be planning to perpetrate a false flag operation…

Additionally AJ has also seemed to throw Rand Paul essentially under the bus. I’d respect him more I think — see it as standing by his principles — if he had stuck with Rand. I thought he was even close to the Paul family. I don’t remember the exact moment that the Trump phenomenon began, but still I can’t recall that it ever looked like he’d be supporting Rand Paul, though. He’d been an apologist for Rand, prior to the beginning of the Republican presidential primary, saying he was just “moving to center” when he deviated from libertarian dogma/doctrine. Other libertarians such as Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com had already become completely fed up with Dr. Rand Paul by that time though.