The War on Terror has been to replace the Cold War. The MIC needs monsters such as ISIS! It certainly doesn’t want the world rid of them!

Although US Foreign Policy may often seem helter-skelter/ill-thought out, it actually is not really that way at all. Indeed, there are invariably sociopathic think-tank people and “intellectuals” that are behind most, if not all of it. And so, the plan to get rid of the secular Arab regimes seems to continue unabated. Sy Hersh’s article just encapsulated a huge percentage of the real story, the White House seems to have basically ignored it. Some “pundit” in Vox rolled out the “C word”, lol, deriding Seymour Hersh’s so-called conspiracy theories! Seymour Hersh was frankly way late to the story, in the alternative media — which the MSM and White House largely ignore of course — the story has long since been out (there were three points in it that were new to me at least: that intelligence was sent to the German, Russian and Israel governments as intermediaries to be received by the Syrian military, that accompanying the intelligence agreement there were four things that were asked of Assad, and that in 2013 the Joint Chiefs was able to manipulate the CIA into shipping obsolete weapons to the Syria Islamist terrorist rebels).

I think Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley was saying on his show this week that they basically prefer chaos/total anti-civilization forces than anyone/anything that is independent. I was heartened to learn in Sy Hersh’s article that apparently there’s actually a Democratic Congresswomen by the name of Tulsi Gabbard who’s opposing some of this stuff.