I grew up thinking there were intelligent and learned people in America. Yeah, there’s a major anti-intellectual strain — in fact the popular culture seems to just descend and descend and descend you almost have be literally mentally handicapped in order to “appreciate” any of it (Kardashians, Taylor Swift, etc.), but I thought a lot of Americans valued intellect and knowledge. This cretin Trump he brags he went to the best college or some such. He’s just like a yahoo, but from Wall Street. The George W. Bush of New York City!

He campaigned for Netanyahu his last election I think, and he has an Orthodox Jewish daughter. And these “alternatives”/alternative media websites spend a huge percentage of their sites talking about the lobby, Zionism, etc. — unbelievably some (many?) of these people are actually now supporting Trump!

Note: This was actually published on February 22nd, but somehow it got stuck in the privately published phase. Which is kind of a misnomer/oxymoron really since that means no one can see it except the post’s author.