The more that comes out about Ted Cruz, and his father’s history the more he looks like complete and total establishment, and not one big “Christian radical maverick/iconoclast” or whatever he fancies himself as. The CIA was ahead of the curve (prepared for the future world/America it seems) on something at least. Having minority “kept individuals” — or perhaps better to say “lab grown individuals”, haha — to release on the public as “outsider candidates” in presidential elections!

Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley thinks that these things are done in pairs, and he thinks Deval Patrick was “the spare” had something gone awry with Obama. If any enterprising researcher wants to start checking out Patrick, there’s probably all sorts of dubious connections/skeletons there!

The spare in this instance might be a white male though, if we put stock into what Ben Sasse told his college chums/acquaintances. That he would in fact be the 45th president! And he may been the first I think actual Republican elected official that said unequivocally that he wouldn’t be voting for Trump.

Although it does indeed seem, at least from the MSM rumblings, that it might be Paul Ryan who the establishment tries to bring in as “the knight on a white horse” or some such at the GOP Convention at the eleventh hour….