The government generally is controlled by an oligarchy, it is only through organizing and having an active and engaged citizenry that the government can be manipulated to work for more than “the 1%” as in the common speech.

A huge issue right now/stumbling block toward getting a decent government again is that corporations have no allegiance to any nation. What was put in place in 20th Century to create the American middle class, in many cases is not relevant to the globalized world today. I don’t know that there is one or even many solutions, there are a lot of ideas: bring back tariffs, create a guaranteed wage, publicly financed elections, tax Wall Street turnover, return Glass-Steagall, etc… I don’t think anyone knows how to get a decent government back necessarily. Too many distracted with the various “somas” today — and essentially sitting on their duffs — certainly isn’t going to get back a respectable government again though!

I think we’re only in the beginning now of the media that had a stranglehold on society — that it to say the dissemination of information by and for the oligarchy — having an alternative created to it. The population even now I’d say is beginning to have better information to make informed decisions based upon the reign of the bankster, MIC and big pharma-controlled media as I said having an alternative developed to it. And so that is very heartening, I think, in the movement to having a more malleable, flexible, responsive and indeed representative government take shape.