I’m not sure if the Latin American right is anymore or less corrupt than the left. But the left at least tries to do something about the vast inequality in most of those societies and bring health, education, etc., and some kind of life to more folks. While the right is just corrupt and keeps the two-tiered have/have not structure firmly in place. Usually working hand-in-glove with Washington and sometimes even armed paramilitary groups within many of those countries busy exterminating any uppity campesinos, peasants, or trade unionists, etc. who get “the wrong idea”!

The landless workers’ movement of Brazil made these statements about the efforts against Rousseff:

According to the MST, the impeachment procedure against President Dilma Rousseff carried out today and rural violence are “two faces of the same class struggle.”

“Far from the (presidential) Palacio do Planalto, the class struggle has been using firearms. In Quedas de Iguaçu (PR), the alliance of oligarchs and local governments killed two farm workers on Thursday April 7 in the same month in which we remember the 20th anniversary of the massacre of Carajás,” they said in a statement released Friday. “This tragedy shows how the elites react when they feel they are immune from punishment.”

In general I envy that people get what they vote for in Latin America (a choice unlike the United States). Cristina Fernandez was pretty far to left I’d say a real populist, and now a revanchist of like the generals who disappeared so many (Macri) is in power as per the results of last presidential contest there, of course.

p.s. I don’t know what this current presidential election in the US foretells if anything. Will democracy/elections be much different in the future (I personally think Trump is establishment I’ve not seen a single reason for anyone to support him [well Israel firsters and the jack-booted thugs running the Stasi state but I mean other than that] but many are not reading him as such, Bernie I think is different and really is offering an alternative to the same policies pursued by the two er single party)? Or will it just be a mere blip on the radar screen?