Mathew Stein, an MIT graduate and preeminent expert on potential catastrophe(s), recently had an incredibly informative and IMHO compelling interview on Coast to Coast AM. If you think this show is just for hokey paranormal claptrap or something, I say definitely have a listen to the interview.

In the interview he mentions I think it was 2012 in Nebraska (20 miles outside of Omaha) that there would have been essentially an “American Fukushima” there except for the fact that I believe he said it was 6 months prior that flood walls were put in at the site. Also he mentioned that the Japanese government is cleaning areas — but only going slightly off the roads (creating 1 ton bags of radioactive waste in the process), and that this is essentially doing nothing because he said that the wind is wholly recontaminating these areas. And the Japanese government is also telling people they can continue receiving government checks only if they accept moving back to their homes in contaminated areas, needless to say many are passing. Anyway, nuke just seems so riddled with problems I can’t see how it is at all a part of our future energy solution.

He also mentioned nuke was originally sold to governments saying there would be one Fukushima or Chernobyl in a million years. I think he puts Three Mile Island with those although I believe disaster was averted there… And so, he says there have been three (or 2 1/2 something like that) such incidents in actuality in however many decades it has been since nuclear power has existed.