I don’t think Trump is alternative at all. Groveling to Israel, fearmongering Iran, doubling down on the Stasi state, it sounds like he’ll torture more than the Cheney regime, and continue on with the concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay. Just to name a few ways that he’s establishment. He’s surrounding himself with “Nixonmen” a massive red flag to say least. His current campaign manager was the key figure in something called the torturers’ lobby one of his “prized clients” was none other than Jonas Savimbi. The tariff thing is just a bargaining chip to be put on table as part of some negotiating ploy… For a real protective tariff it doesn’t need to be anywhere near 35%. The Tax Wall Street Party has a much more realistic proposal of 15%. I don’t know if he’ll even remember who Chris Christie was if and when he becomes president, but his name was bandied about in the mainstream press as a potential Trump AG. Christie will do his best to roll back the advancements that legal pot has made in many states if he’s installed as “our” attorney general.

I’m collecting people in the alternative media who have stood up to Trump — due to disappointment with those who have not. I know Kevin Barrett, Webster Tarpley, Meria Heller, and radio host Richie Allen are amongst the folks of some renown who have done just that! Cynthia McKinney may have changed her views the last I heard her on the Richie Allen Show she said Trump is an insider — despite what he says or people might think, but she didn’t make any criticisms of him on when she appeared on Alex Jones last week… I heard an interview with Daniel Estulin recently, and he didn’t sound like he’s really been “turned on” so to speak by anything said or done by the so-called “Donald” Trump.