Dilma Rousseff is badly informed about what happened in this country in 2008:

One of the causes of my impeachment was that our government was in favour, we didn’t prevent corruption investigations. But we have always been clear that in combating corruption, you must not destroy companies or jobs. The USA recently, along with the rest of the world, had the biggest corruption case with the banks and their derivatives, which led to astronomical losses in the crisis of 2008. They didn’t destroy the banks, they fined them and arrested the bosses, but they didn’t destroy the companies. The chain of oil and gas is very important for the Brazil’s GDP. It creates jobs. So if you shoot down these companies you are attacking the Brazilian GDP.

What bosses of banks were arrested?!! Under neoliberal capitalism massive institutions that engage in outrageous wrongdoing only get fined (which is nothing essentially a write-off for them) no one receives any jail time — and no ever really gets burned! Probably why she is facing the treatment that she’s getting in Brazil, too many in their crooked elite class were actually starting to get what they had coming to them! And so, I would have thought that Ms. Rousseff should be too smart to be under any erroneous assumptions that the United States of America and its leadership actually lives by — and moreover lives up to — the principles/opinions that we put out to the world and indeed rather quite sanctimoniously espouse.