Hmmm, in truth is stranger than fiction the Chandra Levy case was taken down as I understand it by recordings made by a woman who appeared in House of Cards (if only a microbit part as a bailiff or some such, I think, probably why she was in the same seedy hotel as the guy whose testimony now appears to be false, haha)!

Wayne Madsen was very prescient on this case in a report that he made back in May 2009:

Another troublesome “cold case” was simply whisked away by Taylor with a simple indictment. Taylor. After eight years of no leads, Taylor indicted illegal El Salvadorean immigrant ne’er-do-well, Ingmar Guandique, for the murder of Washington intern Chandra Levy, who also just so happened to be having an extramarital affair with House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence member Gary Condit. Taylor was never interested in what knowledge of a classified nature Levy may have garnered from Condit, knowledge that prompted her to avoid any direct flights from Dulles International Airport to San Francisco a little over four months from the 9/11 attacks.

A District of Columbia’s public defender appointed to represent Guandique summed up nicely the problems with Taylor’s case: “This flawed investigation, characterized by the many mistakes and missteps of the Metropolitan Police Department and every federal agency that has attempted to solve this case, will not end with the simple issuance of an arrest warrant against Mr. Guandique.”

However, for the Bush-Cheney administration, Taylor’s indictment of a tough who was already serving a 10-year prison sentence for attacking two women in Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC, was just good end-of-term housekeeping.