Drumpf supporters would appear to be brainless. He had a mandate to reindustralize America, but anyone could see even prior to the election stock Republican economics was how he planned to do it (trickle down) which has never worked and only ballooned deficits — Robin Hood in reverse — and moved wealth from the have-nots to the haves! Additionally, the Drumpf Death “Care” is a plan to move wealth from the have-nots to the haves! This is the one-trick pony though of the misanthropic Republicans and their dog-eared copies of the dilettantish works of Ayn Rand!

Sergey Lavrov was just at the White House, and like a good authoritarian the Drumpfman had all US media barred from the event. Some media was there though, the Russian state media was present! And, oh yeah another renowned personage was there too, none other than that great humanitarian — sicko/sociopath actually — Henry Kissinger! If Obama had done this I can’t even imagine what would be the shrill howls all throughout the land!