It seems to me a lot of people viewed the Repiglicans as an alternative to the Democrats in the last election. This was an egregious error! A lot of people are going to be grievously harmed due to that error! The Repiglicans ARE NOT going to do ANYTHING better than the Democrats. The “two” parties are basically controlled by all the same interests, there’s tepid resistance offered on many fronts by the Democrats. The Repiglicans however work hand in glove with the MIC, the polluting industries, big oil, nuclear power, the Evilgelical fake Christian grifters, the Israel lobby, Wall Street, etc. etc. and sometimes want to do things that are even more radical than the plethora of bad things that they — the interests that control them — already want to do! Truly bone-chilling/harrowing to even think about, and yet we’re living it! This is our reality day by day!