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It looks like that Macron is sort of trying to resurrect the Third Way in France, although he had a cup of coffee in the Hollande administration I think that as far as the Socialist Party, and Labour in the UK the Third Way forces pretty much have egg on their face/have been beaten down. On this side of the pond it’s never been clear to me what the Lib Dems actually stand for, but maybe they’ll try and dig it up from the grave in the UK…

Bernie I pretty much thought was the de facto leader of the Democrats after the election. I don’t really think Ellison has risen because he’s a black Muslim… I think that he’s an issues-oriented guy not just gotten to where he is because he fits the quota for identities (and even goes beyond!) that is so chic in the Obama/Clinton corporatist/identity politics-based Democratic Party — it takes me a long time to believe in anybody I pretty much think they are all waiting to insert the knife, lol, into back, but anyway Ellison was “Bernie’s man” for DNC although he didn’t get that (chair) they did establish a new position for him. And so I think that actually showed something… Even if at the same time it did show that perhaps it’s too much to say Bernie is the de facto leader we really never should have expected the old guard to just shrivel up (like that Wizard of Oz witch, lol) they still are going to have something to say about social democracy (which I think Bernie actually represents whatever he says that he represents, the Bolivarian Revolution for instance is a better example of democratic socialism IMO) overtaking “Wall Street’s second party”! (Like we are still seeing Shill out there still representing herself as if she is some kind of leader.) But anyway, I view these developments as overall positive even if the Obamabot/Clintonista forces may have won (in the past), and may still yet have a few more battles to prevail in.


This Drumpf gambit vis a vis Qatar is probably really about cutting off the lifeline to Hamas. I wonder if we are seeing the opening stages to the Netanyahu final solution in Gaza! (Which Brendan O’Connell has been talking about extensively on his Youtube channel.) Now that Netanyahu has his shoe shine boy, and lackey at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (and a Mossad asset Kushner with such an extensive role of prominence/uber-portfolio)…

Hamas is being wise though, if they (the Zionists, the Gulf potentates and Netanyahu’s lackey Drumpf) are successful in turning the screws to at least successfully cow Qatar, they are going back to Iran — realizing their Sunni brethren as basically fakers at least IMHO Iran is a much better bet for them. In fact, I think relations between the two dropped to rock bottom when Morsi was in power, but since Sisi’s coup I think they’ve understood — don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, essentially — and have slowly been gravitating back to the initial Axis of Resistance (Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran).

Birds of a feather flock together! Drumpf has just emboldened his fellow traveler troglodytes with his jaunt to Saudi Arabia! The Saudis are about to execute 14 Shias (including a deaf and blind man), who had coerced confessions and were also subject to prolonged solitary confinement and torture!

From Iran’s Press TV:

Saudi officials execute convicts by sword and then dangle their corpses from a helicopter to make sure the public could see the result of the execution.

Dilma Rousseff is badly informed about what happened in this country in 2008:

One of the causes of my impeachment was that our government was in favour, we didn’t prevent corruption investigations. But we have always been clear that in combating corruption, you must not destroy companies or jobs. The USA recently, along with the rest of the world, had the biggest corruption case with the banks and their derivatives, which led to astronomical losses in the crisis of 2008. They didn’t destroy the banks, they fined them and arrested the bosses, but they didn’t destroy the companies. The chain of oil and gas is very important for the Brazil’s GDP. It creates jobs. So if you shoot down these companies you are attacking the Brazilian GDP.

What bosses of banks were arrested?!! Under neoliberal capitalism massive institutions that engage in outrageous wrongdoing only get fined (which is nothing essentially a write-off for them) no one receives any jail time — and no ever really gets burned! Probably why she is facing the treatment that she’s getting in Brazil, too many in their crooked elite class were actually starting to get what they had coming to them! And so, I would have thought that Ms. Rousseff should be too smart to be under any erroneous assumptions that the United States of America and its leadership actually lives by — and moreover lives up to — the principles/opinions that we put out to the world and indeed rather quite sanctimoniously espouse.

Mathew Stein, an MIT graduate and preeminent expert on potential catastrophe(s), recently had an incredibly informative and IMHO compelling interview on Coast to Coast AM. If you think this show is just for hokey paranormal claptrap or something, I say definitely have a listen to the interview.

In the interview he mentions I think it was 2012 in Nebraska (20 miles outside of Omaha) that there would have been essentially an “American Fukushima” there except for the fact that I believe he said it was 6 months prior that flood walls were put in at the site. Also he mentioned that the Japanese government is cleaning areas — but only going slightly off the roads (creating 1 ton bags of radioactive waste in the process), and that this is essentially doing nothing because he said that the wind is wholly recontaminating these areas. And the Japanese government is also telling people they can continue receiving government checks only if they accept moving back to their homes in contaminated areas, needless to say many are passing. Anyway, nuke just seems so riddled with problems I can’t see how it is at all a part of our future energy solution.

He also mentioned nuke was originally sold to governments saying there would be one Fukushima or Chernobyl in a million years. I think he puts Three Mile Island with those although I believe disaster was averted there… And so, he says there have been three (or 2 1/2 something like that) such incidents in actuality in however many decades it has been since nuclear power has existed.

I’m not sure if the Latin American right is anymore or less corrupt than the left. But the left at least tries to do something about the vast inequality in most of those societies and bring health, education, etc., and some kind of life to more folks. While the right is just corrupt and keeps the two-tiered have/have not structure firmly in place. Usually working hand-in-glove with Washington and sometimes even armed paramilitary groups within many of those countries busy exterminating any uppity campesinos, peasants, or trade unionists, etc. who get “the wrong idea”!

The landless workers’ movement of Brazil made these statements about the efforts against Rousseff:

According to the MST, the impeachment procedure against President Dilma Rousseff carried out today and rural violence are “two faces of the same class struggle.”

“Far from the (presidential) Palacio do Planalto, the class struggle has been using firearms. In Quedas de Iguaçu (PR), the alliance of oligarchs and local governments killed two farm workers on Thursday April 7 in the same month in which we remember the 20th anniversary of the massacre of Carajás,” they said in a statement released Friday. “This tragedy shows how the elites react when they feel they are immune from punishment.”

In general I envy that people get what they vote for in Latin America (a choice unlike the United States). Cristina Fernandez was pretty far to left I’d say a real populist, and now a revanchist of like the generals who disappeared so many (Macri) is in power as per the results of last presidential contest there, of course.

p.s. I don’t know what this current presidential election in the US foretells if anything. Will democracy/elections be much different in the future (I personally think Trump is establishment I’ve not seen a single reason for anyone to support him [well Israel firsters and the jack-booted thugs running the Stasi state but I mean other than that] but many are not reading him as such, Bernie I think is different and really is offering an alternative to the same policies pursued by the two er single party)? Or will it just be a mere blip on the radar screen?

RT’s Oksana Boyko had an interview regarding Joseph Stalin with retired NYU professor Stephen Cohen. And as this monstrous neoliberal era descends into barbarism I dare say Stalin and the development he brought to the USSR begins to look better and better!

The West also had to compete against an alternative system that as part of its core included the right to a job! We’ve seen both the former Eastern Bloc and the West deindustrialized since the end of communism. The very raison d’etre of the West I think is now questioned, and the rise of hedonism, libertinism and nihilism is rife throughout the Western world! Also I think there is a coarsening of the culture, where the poor and underclass have now become much akin to like the Dalits of India! Amongst the religious that remain in the West a form of neo-Calvinism is even setting in! All truly worrying/worrisome developments that certainly do not augur well for the overall health of society I think, for sure.

Critics have labeled the current Israeli Likudnik government that is comprised of right-wing as well as religious parties, as the most extreme in that nation’s history. It features a Justice Minister (sic), Ayelet Shaked, a Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hotovely and a Minister of Culture and Sport, Miri Regev who are all far out of step/out of line with international law and in fact the international consensus essentially of what should be the “rules of the road” for the long, arduous, and likewise seemingly neverending Israel/Palestine conflict. Moreover, all of these personages/individuals that occupy these positions in the Israeli government, of course, just happen to be women. And in truth, these “fair” ladies can certainly be said to be the hateful sirens of Netanyahu’s warped and indeed extraordinarily disturbed apartheidic vision!

Ayelet Shaked’s “claim to fame” is, of course, her now deleted Facebook posting in which, she declared the entire Palestinian people the enemy, “…including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.” Notwithstanding an extensive detailing of all of the sanction of war crimes that is implied by the potential policy implementation of that statement, in an actual Israeli military campaign — and particularly when considering perpetrating that type of military/war-related activity upon an illegally (for 48 years) occupied population — but it also seems to be reminiscent of Israel’s terroristic Dayiha doctrine. A doctrine that it has employed in Beirut, Lebanon, the title of which refers to the Dahiya neighborhood of that city, and an incident that took place there in August 2006 in which large numbers of civilians were either directly killed by bombs or crushed, as they huddled in the debris of their freshly destroyed homes.

Considering that there is no foreign minister in the current government, the deputy then is the de facto one. Tzipi Hotolvely defends the annexation by Israel of the whole of the West Bank, and as part and parcel of a plan that is widely supported in the Netanyahu government of a Jewish one-state solution. This is not at all the same as the secular and democratic one-state solution that is supported by such courageous Jewish Israeli people as Ilan Pappe and Miko Peled. That proposal calls for equal rights for Palestinian and Jewish citizens, antithetical by all means to the nefarious as well as diabolical desires/designs, indeed, of the Netanyahu sirens.

The present culture minister of Israel, makes no pretensions about a two-state solution. In an interview that she gave in 2013 she said, “When the prime minister delivered the (June 2009) Bar Ilan speech in which he expressed support for the two-state doctrine, that was not ok with me. My opinion has not changed. In the end, when you consider the two states for two nations…”

Most if not all of these people — those cut from the same Likudim cloth as the three sirens — use the incendiary and irresponsible rhetoric of Judea and Samara (with the implication being that it was given to the Jews by God and no one else) to refer to the West Bank. (The West Bank that will, of course, be the major part of the future Palestinian state, at least under the two-state rubric.) And so, the bigoted rhetoric of Judea and Samara is clearly not helpful at all for anyone who is even the slightest bit serious or concerned about ever achieving peace, which these women clearly are not!

Palestinians are repeatedly harangued by the Western and US media, to recognize Israel’s right to exist. But aggressive promotion of the illegal settlements and complete abandonment — and even thumbing one’s nose at — the two-state solution essentially amounts to not recognizing the Palestinians’ right to it (existence). Save perhaps as second, third, or fourth-class citizens within the ranks of a fascistoid regime, quite literally! And although, it’s no surprise that in the Zionist-occupied media that there’s a total absence of any sort of hue and cry about this; nonetheless, the reactionary, scofflaw and international pariahial-nature, at least according to any sane/reasonable international institutions (as well as governments), of the Netanyahu Likudnik administration can no longer be abated! And indeed, these three exceedingly disagreeable women most assuredly represent a dark cadre that exists within it, and one that can undeniably be called the wholly contemptible Israeli Prime Minister’s beloved, “Sirens of Apartheid.”

I had always thought that the Chinese were (largely) Buddhist. I’m confused actually how much atheism was promoted in one communist nation versus another. Not really knowing the history of every communist (or former communist) country I wonder if perhaps a “policy” of kind of looking the other way on religion — while the state was nominally atheist, may have been what actually occurred in a lot of countries.

I happened to just be looking up the numbers of followers of religions in the world; and there seems to be some variation between sources. A major religion of the world, though, seems to be the Chinese folk religion. Maybe syncretism is very common in China, I believe that in Japan it is not really any issue at all, it is quite commonplace in fact, for one to be both Buddhist and Shinto.

Wikipedia has 750 million-1 Billion followers of the Chinese folk religion in total. The CIA World Factbook has Buddhist 18.2%, Christian 5.1%, Muslim 1.8%, folk religion 21.9%, Hindu < .1%, Jewish < .1%, other 0.7% (includes Daoist [Taoist]), unaffiliated 52.2%, and officially atheist as the religions/religious beliefs in China.

The BBC has been ridiculing the purported actual capabilities of the Russian military. I would put a lot of stock in the Russian military as well as weaponry (which of course is also being questioned), though. A lot of the scare mongering that goes on I don’t put a lot of stock in, however. I generally think that most militaries in this world have very limited capability. Other than the militaries of the US, Great Britain, Russia, France and perhaps China… I don’t think the other militaries of the world can really do a whole lot, at least in hypothetical battle against any of these top militaries.

I’d think both Japan and Germany in not too long of a time could get their militaries up to snuff so to speak, to get at least somewhat close to the others I’ve mentioned. Other militaries that have a lot of troops, but I’m very dubious of what actual capabilities that they might have are Egypt, India, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.

I’m not really sure of the capability of the Israeli military, they have a lot of top flight stuff (military gear, materiel, technology, etc.), but being such a small nation — and they “war” with Gaza which is basically a refugee camp, so it pretty much doesn’t tell us much about their military’s actual capability, I’d say.