Tim Kaine seems to be a definite safe pair of hands. Hillary found a DINO even more right-wing than she, and it seems as if he was up to his elbows in his days down in Honduras in highly malevolent spook activities!

Dr. Tarpley spent the whole first half of World Crisis Radio talking about the lawsuit. It seems Trump was not lying about going after the 1st amendment. Tarpley thinks this is an unprecedented effort, but I don’t think the full research is in yet. (As I understand his point no president or first lady or would-be president or would-be first lady has tendered this kind of suit.) He also thinks that a historian making a modest living in the DC suburbs can’t contest such a suit as this as easily as one of the biggest scandal sheets of Great Britain! Folks in the alternative media — including that hate him, should take heed of this, and the kind of potential chilling effect that this can have on small, independent and usually inadequately resourced media.

Trump I think owes a lot to certain segments of the alternative media… And so, I would think that these segments that are friendly to Trump would be concerned about this, although I don’t expect that they will be.

My take on Trump is that he’s a wild card he will be between Eisenhower and Mussolini. Eisenhower would be the best case scenario of course, and Mussolini the worst one. Not that I plan on voting for him; in fact, I’m not even sure that’s he’s ever told a truth! Or ever understands much of what he’s talking about for that matter (David Cay Johnston who’s followed him for a long time says that when you dig down on him he really knows nothing).

I plan to vote third party as I always do, I also didn’t expect Obama would bring any change — and didn’t vote for him. I personally take the view that my vote has to be earned (although it seems to me at this point we really have a system of paying for politicians campaigns, Trump is not self-financing just another of his multitude of lies that he spins daily, so voting is kind of beside the point)… I’ve been voting in presidential elections for quite a bit of time now, and not once has a Democrat or Republican been able to earn my vote.

Trump could have potentially earned my vote on three issues: trade, Israel-Palestine and the Stasi state. He’s not serious about tariffs, he’s cast aside any movement on how we deal with Israel and their illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, and he’s never acted as if the Stasi state is an issue at all. Indeed, it actually sounds as if it (the Stasi state) will be even more totalitarian/snooping under Drumpf!

I also care about taxes and foreign policy in general quite a bit. His tax proposals have been standard Republican fare, and there was some talk of a Ron Paul-style non-interventionist foreign policy regarding Trump it seemed for a time. From Trump’s statements though IMHO it doesn’t sound to me like this is what he’ll pursue at all. As early on the hopes of many folks were tacked on to Trump my assessments of the statements that he’s made over the course of his campaign is that he’s not a believer in this kind of a approach (non-interventionist) at all.

Lastly, I’ve even heard one prominent Trump supporter, James Fetzer, say on his show that he thinks Trump will have some kind revelation in office and magically come to the understanding that Medicare-for-all would be the best health care option for this nation. There’s zero evidence of this, it seems Trump has been actually trying to ingratiate himself at least somewhat with the Rethug establishment, Medicare-for-all is a non-starter with all of these folks, indeed, it’s something they’ve spent their lives being strident opponents of — a quest of their cast iron souls, lol, and how very Christian of them!

Hmmm, in truth is stranger than fiction the Chandra Levy case was taken down as I understand it by recordings made by a woman who appeared in House of Cards (if only a microbit part as a bailiff or some such, I think, probably why she was in the same seedy hotel as the guy whose testimony now appears to be false, haha)!

Wayne Madsen was very prescient on this case in a report that he made back in May 2009:

Another troublesome “cold case” was simply whisked away by Taylor with a simple indictment. Taylor. After eight years of no leads, Taylor indicted illegal El Salvadorean immigrant ne’er-do-well, Ingmar Guandique, for the murder of Washington intern Chandra Levy, who also just so happened to be having an extramarital affair with House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence member Gary Condit. Taylor was never interested in what knowledge of a classified nature Levy may have garnered from Condit, knowledge that prompted her to avoid any direct flights from Dulles International Airport to San Francisco a little over four months from the 9/11 attacks.

A District of Columbia’s public defender appointed to represent Guandique summed up nicely the problems with Taylor’s case: “This flawed investigation, characterized by the many mistakes and missteps of the Metropolitan Police Department and every federal agency that has attempted to solve this case, will not end with the simple issuance of an arrest warrant against Mr. Guandique.”

However, for the Bush-Cheney administration, Taylor’s indictment of a tough who was already serving a 10-year prison sentence for attacking two women in Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC, was just good end-of-term housekeeping.

George W. Bush is not hated here I don’t think, as much as Tony Blair is in the UK. But Dubya basically hides here in shame, I suspect… He lives in the Dallas area I think, and so he had to speak recently alongside Barack Obama. The last he was seen in public he campaigned for his brother (and sort of his brother’s “last stand” or at least one of them, as I recall). He seems to only stick his head out when his appearance is basically mandatory. And Blair his British alter ego — that is the English nancy boy version of him — is far more public than Dick Cheney’s first; or second, deputy has ever been since his retirement.

Alex Jones admits here in this interview with Stefan Molyneux that he tried (in the past) to transcend the left and right… That’s good to hear because I seem to recall him not too long ago still trying to say that he’s not left or right. Anyway, anyone following the show over many years knows the show has changed quite markedly in the last year or two. It’s really a mean-spirited change IMHO, in the past he seemed to kind of be forwarding his agenda — not really spending a lot of time trashing anybody. Now he seems to be finding “leftists” under every rock (interesting he defends Joe McCarthy in the interview, “a good guy on a good mission whose biggest problem was only that he was a drunk” or some such, considering Roy Cohn was Donald Trump’s mentor and AJ’s candidate that he would like McCarthy is certainly no surprise).

Obama is a hand-picked CIA grown and nurtured president! As Wayne Madsen has reported his mommy and step-daddy killed Indonesian “communists” (at least anybody actually rather quite broadly suspected as such). The other day I think that he (Alex Jones) had Angela Merkel, who leads a center-right party in Germany that has long been associated with the Catholic vote in that country, as part of some configuration of “leftists” that he was reviling. In the past I’ve heard him describe the Queen of England as a “leftist”! The Queen as well as the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (aka “Windsor”) House of royalty are well-known supporters of the Tory party! Praising Joe McCarthy methinks actually says a lot about the present (mental) state of Alex Jones!

Dilma Rousseff is badly informed about what happened in this country in 2008:

One of the causes of my impeachment was that our government was in favour, we didn’t prevent corruption investigations. But we have always been clear that in combating corruption, you must not destroy companies or jobs. The USA recently, along with the rest of the world, had the biggest corruption case with the banks and their derivatives, which led to astronomical losses in the crisis of 2008. They didn’t destroy the banks, they fined them and arrested the bosses, but they didn’t destroy the companies. The chain of oil and gas is very important for the Brazil’s GDP. It creates jobs. So if you shoot down these companies you are attacking the Brazilian GDP.

What bosses of banks were arrested?!! Under neoliberal capitalism massive institutions that engage in outrageous wrongdoing only get fined (which is nothing essentially a write-off for them) no one receives any jail time — and no ever really gets burned! Probably why she is facing the treatment that she’s getting in Brazil, too many in their crooked elite class were actually starting to get what they had coming to them! And so, I would have thought that Ms. Rousseff should be too smart to be under any erroneous assumptions that the United States of America and its leadership actually lives by — and moreover lives up to — the principles/opinions that we put out to the world and indeed rather quite sanctimoniously espouse.

I wonder if there’s something going on with Republican Mormons and Trump. Perhaps it’s too early, but two of the most prominent Republicans for Never Trump seem to be Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney. Don’t know, but maybe Hillary this time around will be like the LDS candidate? Haha. (And moreover, Mormon Harry Reid was instrumental in delivering Nevada for Hillary Clinton too.)

Mike Lee the Mormon Utah senator, who’d like to eviscerate the federal ban on child labor (I would think he’d be simpatico/a kindred spirit of Trump’s), has already been quoted as saying Trump “scares him to death”. Don’t know if he’s come out “officially” for Never Trump. Interestingly, Trump has put Mike Lee’s brother on a short list of people that he might name to the Supreme Court though.

Trump’s already been endorsed by Darth Cheney and now he’s going to meet with the “Lord of the Siths” Henry Kissinger! For all the Star Wars aficionados his next move is probably to go some place that young people train — to try and do some good in this world, and probably kill a whole host of young people!

I don’t think Trump is alternative at all. Groveling to Israel, fearmongering Iran, doubling down on the Stasi state, it sounds like he’ll torture more than the Cheney regime, and continue on with the concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay. Just to name a few ways that he’s establishment. He’s surrounding himself with “Nixonmen” a massive red flag to say least. His current campaign manager was the key figure in something called the torturers’ lobby one of his “prized clients” was none other than Jonas Savimbi. The tariff thing is just a bargaining chip to be put on table as part of some negotiating ploy… For a real protective tariff it doesn’t need to be anywhere near 35%. The Tax Wall Street Party has a much more realistic proposal of 15%. I don’t know if he’ll even remember who Chris Christie was if and when he becomes president, but his name was bandied about in the mainstream press as a potential Trump AG. Christie will do his best to roll back the advancements that legal pot has made in many states if he’s installed as “our” attorney general.

I’m collecting people in the alternative media who have stood up to Trump — due to disappointment with those who have not. I know Kevin Barrett, Webster Tarpley, Meria Heller, and radio host Richie Allen are amongst the folks of some renown who have done just that! Cynthia McKinney may have changed her views the last I heard her on the Richie Allen Show she said Trump is an insider — despite what he says or people might think, but she didn’t make any criticisms of him on when she appeared on Alex Jones last week… I heard an interview with Daniel Estulin recently, and he didn’t sound like he’s really been “turned on” so to speak by anything said or done by the so-called “Donald” Trump.