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Alex Jones admits here in this interview with Stefan Molyneux that he tried (in the past) to transcend the left and right… That’s good to hear because I seem to recall him not too long ago still trying to say that he’s not left or right. Anyway, anyone following the show over many years knows the show has changed quite markedly in the last year or two. It’s really a mean-spirited change IMHO, in the past he seemed to kind of be forwarding his agenda — not really spending a lot of time trashing anybody. Now he seems to be finding “leftists” under every rock (interesting he defends Joe McCarthy in the interview, “a good guy on a good mission whose biggest problem was only that he was a drunk” or some such, considering Roy Cohn was Donald Trump’s mentor and AJ’s candidate that he would like McCarthy is certainly no surprise).

Obama is a hand-picked CIA grown and nurtured president! As Wayne Madsen has reported his mommy and step-daddy killed Indonesian “communists” (at least anybody actually rather quite broadly suspected as such). The other day I think that he (Alex Jones) had Angela Merkel, who leads a center-right party in Germany that has long been associated with the Catholic vote in that country, as part of some configuration of “leftists” that he was reviling. In the past I’ve heard him describe the Queen of England as a “leftist”! The Queen as well as the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (aka “Windsor”) House of royalty are well-known supporters of the Tory party! Praising Joe McCarthy methinks actually says a lot about the present (mental) state of Alex Jones!


In predictions, lol, that we’re certain will not come true news: Mark Dice was actually saying that the coming of the Antichrist is imminent on the Alex Jones Show (Thursday) with AJ wholeheartedly concurring.

I believe he was referring to the biblical Antichrist he actually said “an entity” with AJ in agreement…

I guess that AJ’s upping the ante on the prognostications after wholly striking out with Jade Helm! Which one would be right in saying that’s (my logic) counterintuitive, but anyway if the apparent trend continues then when this one strikes out maybe he’ll move on to planetary invasion by multiple if not dozens of intelligent extraterrestrial species — each flanked with massive mother ships and all sorts of attack vessels — or some such, I guess?!! Probably sell a lot of survival rations!

I think the Alex Jones Show is trying to “go mainstream” or something. There’s been a lot of changes in the show IMO over this past year. I think he has accepted that offer to be like the Rush Limbaugh of the next generation or something (I’ve heard him make reference on air many times to “the system” [don’t recall if that is the precise term he used] essentially giving him a plum position in radio and/or other media if he would just join with them).

I personally never cared very much prior to this year that I didn’t agree with many of his views, or that he is so widely vilified as a gatekeeper. It seems he may have been timid on some issues — or didn’t go that far on many issues, but I have liked his show basically for many years.

In the past I heard Jones say that Reagan was basically a psyop for essentially what would have been like proto-Tea Party people of that day (so-called Patriot Movement, libertarian, or at least libertarian-leaning people probably too as well). When he had Trump on he agreed with Trump’s assessment that Reagan was the greatest president in the modern era! And he also said that Reagan wanted to make America great too!

He’s always been wishy-washy on Israel, but I have heard him make some serious criticism of them in the past, now he says that he “stays neutral”, and most of his guests seem to be strident Zionists as well. Here’s a clip from the Alex Jones Show discussing the USS Liberty incident with Dr. Francis Boyle in two thousand and twelve. And also discussing the Pentagon having intel at the time that the Likudniks may be planning to perpetrate a false flag operation…

Additionally AJ has also seemed to throw Rand Paul essentially under the bus. I’d respect him more I think — see it as standing by his principles — if he had stuck with Rand. I thought he was even close to the Paul family. I don’t remember the exact moment that the Trump phenomenon began, but still I can’t recall that it ever looked like he’d be supporting Rand Paul, though. He’d been an apologist for Rand, prior to the beginning of the Republican presidential primary, saying he was just “moving to center” when he deviated from libertarian dogma/doctrine. Other libertarians such as Justin Raimondo of had already become completely fed up with Dr. Rand Paul by that time though.

One of the falsehoods being spread by Joel Gilbert of the website WND (World Nuts Daily) on the Alex Jones Show recently, was “the Soviet Union worked with Islamists”. Joel would appear to be wholly ignorant of the entire history of the Afghan War! Other than that I also have no idea what he’s talking about considering that all of Russia’s Middle Eastern allies when it was still communist were secularists such as Assad (the father), Qaddafi, Nasser, etc…

It’s also well known that in the past Israel would demonize the PLO just as stridently as it does Hamas today. And it even nurtured Hamas (some would go so far as to say that it created it), as a counterbalance to Arafat and his supporters and forces. So not only did the good ole U.S. of A. work with Islamists, but the country that Joel is probably most loyal to, the Zionist entity, did so as well!

Fresh off the gut full of crow that he’s recently eaten for the big nothingburger of Jade Helm. Alex Jones now says a civil war and mass arrests of dissidents (of the Tea Party, libertarian, and “Patriot” Movement ilk) are imminent! Not that this will deter him whatsoever/at all from making future faulty massive predictions — and showing no compunction to be chastened. But I just thought I would let people know!

I heard a good quote today, “You don’t go around predicting the end of the world because you’re only going to be right once.”

Alex Jones is not a libertarian anymore. After flogging the Paul family for ten plus years, he’s totally cast aside Rand — who he’d been an apologist for prior saying he was simply “moving to the center”. He seems to be backing Donald Trump today, who just released Jeb Bush’s tax plan (a plan that is akin to Jeb Bush’s plan); and early on in the GOP primary Jones had called Jeb Bush a “Rockefeller Republican”. All the Rockefeller Republicans were purged from the party some while ago, so I don’t haven’t the foggiest idea what he means in that. But anyway, I don’t know why a libertarian would have any interest in a candidate issuing a tax plan so similar to a “statist” candidate that he despises. And Bush is essentially just a recycling of his brother really, but he doesn’t do the Southern populist thing like his brother, he appears to be more so like the guy who attended elite New England Eastern establishment institutions (his brother of course Yale, Harvard, Andover [which Jebby also attended] “good ole Texan”, lol).

Early on Trump was talking a lot about tariffs, I don’t know if that’s an issue that’s still on his plate/agenda or not (decidedly non-libertarian to intercede in the so-called free market in such a way). Also I’ve heard nothing but crickets from “The Donald” on the Stasi-esque state that this country has now turned into. And what will be his reforms/proposals, if anything on that… Trump has also strenuously opposed the Iran deal — supported by many libertarians (including Ron Paul), and appeared to say that he’ll do nothing to rethink, if not strengthen, the so-called special relationship with Israel.

I don’t read the Drudge Report — I don’t as a custom read the webpages/political reports of sewer rats/slugs — (Matt Drudge appears to have taken on the role that the Paul clan had previously occupied for Alex Jones), but I’d think it’d be a great platform to oppose all the wars stridently as well as the Stasi state practices put into place by Bushbama. I highly doubt Drudge has used his considerable platform to vociferously protest these egregious crimes/measures. I’ve never been a libertarian and so perhaps I’m riled up, lol, simply over something that’s not really any of my business at all, but Alex Jones “political compass” IMHO would appear to be essentially all over the map!

There’s been a turn in the Alex Jones Show it’s really a mean-spirited show today. Somebody who can just have “charity drives” for a multi-thousand dollar media operation, I wonder why would be such a bitter, spiteful and mean person? It appears that he operates like a Jimmy Swaggart or something, it wouldn’t surprise me that he thinks of Infowars as some kind of a spiritual operation — he certainly thinks of himself as a type of second coming, lol — or much like these other Christianity Inc. charlatans, who can thank their flocks for their McMansions. Preaching is no higher calling than trading derivatives in Manhattan, apparently. Whereas in mainline Christian denominations I believe that pastors virtually without exception all live quite modestly. And if I recall my history correctly, this was an aspect of the Protestant reformation; in fact, of how “high on the hog” that many the priests (or the “priestly class”) at that time were actually living.

I mean he has said stuff in the past, like assuming because a person is black that s/he is on welfare, and a single mother is “married to the state”… I’m not quite sure what he means in the latter configuration, but I’m sure that there are a good number of single mothers in this country who don’t get any public assistance or perhaps even help from the fathers of their children.

Which reminds me of a particular topic that he seems to like to troll regularly, and that is feminism. And along with that it seems to me that he finds a new target to troll — along with with his Anglo-lackey from across the pond (why he is so involved in internal American politics I can’t say) Paul Joseph Watson — every few days.

Jones claims to be a builder, and “leftist globalists” are the destroyers, but he seems to be looking for groups (anew) that I don’t find to be all too powerful to go after with virtually each passing day!

To understand the title the reader would have to had a heard a sound clip that has often been played on the Howard Stern Show of Billy Crystal uttering, “It’s Not Funny, It’s not Fun.”

I hate advertising, haha. But I do think; however, that a uniquely clever and enjoyable ad is a pretty remarkable thing, though. And that is my interest in posting this:

McAfee is like a a move villain or something, he doesn’t exactly give off the aura of a peace angel or anything like that. I find him to be an interesting guy for some strange reason though. Indeed, in a recent Alex Jones interview he recounted a story to Alex, where police accompanied a garbage truck that came to his home — not on garbage day, where presumably that this was a hit attempt on him. McAfee seemed to believe these were real cops, and not just guys in uniforms. Well, I’m just thinking now, as I recall, there was a patrol car in this story, it’s easy to dress up in a cop uniform I’d think, but to find a patrol car — for non-cops — I’d think that’s a much harder thing to do. This not being anything close at all to my “racket” I’m clearly; of course, wholly, utterly and entirely out of my depth here.

I’m not sure who is after him one of his claims is Belize is selling passports to just about anyone who wants them. I think the idea there is that someone with Belizian citizenship may be able to get into the US easier, than say if they have Lebanese citizenship — Hezbollah is one of the groups that he’s saying may be using this system. (Also according to McAfee’s story individuals with non-Anglo names are receiving passports with names like George Smith and Thomas Jones.) This is what I conclude about who he thinks wants to put a hit out on him, because he’s also said that the Belizian Soccer Team, for the first time ever, came to Oregon when he was living there not long after his troubles in Belize and Central America and his return to (North) America. According to McAfee these footballers (what it’s [soccer] called in the rest of the world), are nothing more than a bunch of weekend warriors. The chances relating to them coming up to Oregon — and not long after he’s only just moved there, amount to essentially a Hobson’s choice of slim and none.

I’m not sure where McAfee resides now. I don’t know if he is “out there with it”. When he lived in Oregon (I think the Portland area), he was open — to the rest of the world, that he was in fact residing there. This quirky, mercurial and yet even slightly dark computer genius/aficionado John McAfee occupies a strange, wacky, and seemingly wild world (certainly to average Jane or Joe) indeed.

Mike Adams mentioned, on Alex Jones’ Infowars, a condition in the DSM known as “Oppositional Defiant Disorder”. I really think that it’s getting to the point, where it’s the psychiatrists — that are the madhats. Are we, in fact, witnessing a Sovietization of the psychiatric/mental health system? And people talk of fixing our mental health system, after many of these horrible/horrific mass shootings. I recall always hearing that a radical goes to the root of the problem. Our mental health system has some diseased roots indeed, and so I think that the challenge of fixing it is a prodigious one, for sure. A riper time to storm the Bastille, I’m not sure, that there has ever been, most assuredly.

An interesting interview with Alex Jones and Ralph Nader. Two well known figures, very much on different sides of the spectrum. I kept wondering, “does Alex support all of this?” while listening. I really don’t think he and Nader agree on all that much, but he gave Ralph a forum and let him promote his message.

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