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A lot of these dead-enders for Drumpf in the “alternative media” — after Drumpf is impeached, I think are still hoping he’s going to start his own TV channel, and they’ll be personalities on it!

And although I wouldn’t put money on it I suspect Drumpf will start a TV channel! And especially when considering that that’s all he ever really wanted fame/to be in the media! (He didn’t want to run an entire vast nation.) I have to laugh when he bashes the media and Hollywood, and that’s because IMHO he absolutely loves the both of them!


Dr. Tarpley spent the whole first half of World Crisis Radio talking about the lawsuit. It seems Trump was not lying about going after the 1st amendment. Tarpley thinks this is an unprecedented effort, but I don’t think the full research is in yet. (As I understand his point no president or first lady or would-be president or would-be first lady has tendered this kind of suit.) He also thinks that a historian making a modest living in the DC suburbs can’t contest such a suit as this as easily as one of the biggest scandal sheets of Great Britain! Folks in the alternative media — including that hate him, should take heed of this, and the kind of potential chilling effect that this can have on small, independent and usually inadequately resourced media.

Trump I think owes a lot to certain segments of the alternative media… And so, I would think that these segments that are friendly to Trump would be concerned about this, although I don’t expect that they will be.

I don’t think Trump is alternative at all. Groveling to Israel, fearmongering Iran, doubling down on the Stasi state, it sounds like he’ll torture more than the Cheney regime, and continue on with the concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay. Just to name a few ways that he’s establishment. He’s surrounding himself with “Nixonmen” a massive red flag to say least. His current campaign manager was the key figure in something called the torturers’ lobby one of his “prized clients” was none other than Jonas Savimbi. The tariff thing is just a bargaining chip to be put on table as part of some negotiating ploy… For a real protective tariff it doesn’t need to be anywhere near 35%. The Tax Wall Street Party has a much more realistic proposal of 15%. I don’t know if he’ll even remember who Chris Christie was if and when he becomes president, but his name was bandied about in the mainstream press as a potential Trump AG. Christie will do his best to roll back the advancements that legal pot has made in many states if he’s installed as “our” attorney general.

I’m collecting people in the alternative media who have stood up to Trump — due to disappointment with those who have not. I know Kevin Barrett, Webster Tarpley, Meria Heller, and radio host Richie Allen are amongst the folks of some renown who have done just that! Cynthia McKinney may have changed her views the last I heard her on the Richie Allen Show she said Trump is an insider — despite what he says or people might think, but she didn’t make any criticisms of him on when she appeared on Alex Jones last week… I heard an interview with Daniel Estulin recently, and he didn’t sound like he’s really been “turned on” so to speak by anything said or done by the so-called “Donald” Trump.


The government generally is controlled by an oligarchy, it is only through organizing and having an active and engaged citizenry that the government can be manipulated to work for more than “the 1%” as in the common speech.

A huge issue right now/stumbling block toward getting a decent government again is that corporations have no allegiance to any nation. What was put in place in 20th Century to create the American middle class, in many cases is not relevant to the globalized world today. I don’t know that there is one or even many solutions, there are a lot of ideas: bring back tariffs, create a guaranteed wage, publicly financed elections, tax Wall Street turnover, return Glass-Steagall, etc… I don’t think anyone knows how to get a decent government back necessarily. Too many distracted with the various “somas” today — and essentially sitting on their duffs — certainly isn’t going to get back a respectable government again though!

I think we’re only in the beginning now of the media that had a stranglehold on society — that it to say the dissemination of information by and for the oligarchy — having an alternative created to it. The population even now I’d say is beginning to have better information to make informed decisions based upon the reign of the bankster, MIC and big pharma-controlled media as I said having an alternative developed to it. And so that is very heartening, I think, in the movement to having a more malleable, flexible, responsive and indeed representative government take shape.

I grew up thinking there were intelligent and learned people in America. Yeah, there’s a major anti-intellectual strain — in fact the popular culture seems to just descend and descend and descend you almost have be literally mentally handicapped in order to “appreciate” any of it (Kardashians, Taylor Swift, etc.), but I thought a lot of Americans valued intellect and knowledge. This cretin Trump he brags he went to the best college or some such. He’s just like a yahoo, but from Wall Street. The George W. Bush of New York City!

He campaigned for Netanyahu his last election I think, and he has an Orthodox Jewish daughter. And these “alternatives”/alternative media websites spend a huge percentage of their sites talking about the lobby, Zionism, etc. — unbelievably some (many?) of these people are actually now supporting Trump!

Note: This was actually published on February 22nd, but somehow it got stuck in the privately published phase. Which is kind of a misnomer/oxymoron really since that means no one can see it except the post’s author.

There is a dangerous current indeed that presently seems to be “gaining steam” in the alternative media. And in fact, I’m also thinking about writing something much deeper/more extensive myself on this and distributing it to a lot of alternative media. So we can crush this bug/growth even before it starts, and so as to even hopefully stop a lot of individuals from the joining ranks of this nascent movement — and moreover as close as is at all possible to its origination point/start.

Under New Age veneer, holistic medicine, UFOs, conspiracy porn, etc. there is basically a camouflaging by a number of programs going on of an agenda that amounts to clearly: neo-fascism. I think a lot of people unknowingly — or perhaps they are simpatico or lack scruples? — are going on some of these shows unaware that they are concerned about such bankrupt ideals and inane hogwash like “white genocide” (non-existent and not close to a realization), and about the “indigenous populations” (read: white populations) of Western societies — and the future prospects of these populations (which on some levels is fine, the birth rate issue brings to mind Likudnik Israel [a certain fascist regime] that is deeply concerned/keeps great tabs on the Arab and Jewish birth rates both within the green line and without).

We need to fight this dangerous current in the alternative media, I believe. Those of us with a sophisticated/progressive populist understanding of economics have already known what a threat that right-wing libertarianism/Paultardism has been. But this new current that seems to building steam, and “burgeoning” in the alternative media could potentially lead to something even worse! And which we, of course, never even thought that was possible! Haha. Forgive the impertinence a laugh or cry sort of thing though, egads.

“It’s amazing how much the Internet has changed our lives. People get emails that make accusations without foundation and they are circulated around the country within seconds and suddenly become topics of conversations around water coolers or in lunchrooms.” – Tim Russert

“There’s a lot of information being shared on the Internet now, very credible and good information that a lot more people are listening to that’s weakening the positions of governments around the world. So who knows how long we [will] have with the Internet.” – Michael C. Ruppert

The old days of the “valid” sources of the New York Times or the BBC, or Reuters, etc., are all but dead and gone. In recent years we’ve seen the Western media erroneously report on the Georgia-Russia War, they buried the story of a massive protest in Libya (on July 1st), and just recently Russia’s escalating military presence — in the impending Syrian tumult and destabilization — was barely reported in the Western press. Probably, the Western media was always essentially “in the bag” to institutions like the US State Department, NATO, the Western intelligence services, and the Pentagon (and not objective at all), but the Internet has opened up a world of non-Western and/or other alternative sources — all readily available to us — at the click of a mouse. In yesteryear sources that some may have instinctively, or reactively dismissed as propaganda or disinformation; I would argue, need to currently be looked at, with a much closer watch.

Since, in our “brave new world”, we’ve now become more sophisticated and learned to know, of the essential unattainability of an objective journalistic process, then we can look at the world — and the periodicals, texts and reporters through which we interpret it — as if we are no longer (at all) like a fish out of a pond. We know, as a basic precept, that an agenda hides out behind the written missive, and that the truth is not bottled or packaged, like fine wine or brandy, to be readily, facilely, heartily and easily observed.

Verily, there are still great fountains (and indeed reservoirs) of misinformation that can be stumbled upon out there in cyberspace, but it is only by lurking in these spaces of all gray — and/or some, no, or little stability — that, indeed, the answers that we are looking for can be found. Beyond trial and error (and you live, you learn), it can be difficult to thoroughly explain what should be the truthseeker’s methods, but it is only through the process of discovery — that the exact methods can be apprehended, attained and be known.

Methods in the war of information, or the battle of the “propagandas”, or what some like to ridicule as the “conspiracy view”; all to come to a higher synthesis/knowing, that one can actually tangibly and intuitionally recognize. And it is through this standard — that is not quite, of course, the same as splitting the atom — that serious inquiry can be rigorously and assiduously actualized. Though it may be distasteful to some, who would rather cloister themselves off, into comfortable little worldviews, ideologies, dogmas, paradigms or boxes; I fail to see what, one can glean by taking such a quaint, conservative, unsophisticated, and imperceptive approach. Certainly, to be one who is of the “utmost respect” and esteem to one’s peers and colleagues, is one who is unfaithful — to that which is sacrosanct — which is, of course, the truth.

Most the so-called ‘alternative media’ are just outlets for ‘acceptable’ opinion, and ‘acceptable’ discourse of the state and corporate sponsored left (I believe the same occurs on the right as well). Anything outside the lines is nothing other than sheer blasphemy. Blasphemy against the church, state, and party (of ‘progressivism’, or at least what has co-opted its name). On many of the faux progressive or ‘alternative media’ websites, the blasphemers are locked away (with lock and key), while at others they are just relegated to the sidelines (or if we want to be metaphorical about it, the proverbial dungeon). Thus, the herd is kept in line, and the homogeneity of the ostensible left, prevails! Yay! The good guys won another battle! But, of course, the outcome was determined before the clock had even started to tick.

If ‘the left’ or ‘the progressives’ or whoever opposes the agenda of the corporatists, wants to have even the slightest bit of hope (or a chance) to win, we need to be honest and open and front and center about this! Some in the ‘alternative’ media or the online left or whatever you’d call it are working for peace and justice, and others are working to advance the corporatist agenda (I’m sorry but anyone supporting the Democratic Party at this point is engaging in this practice, even if one has the right intentions at heart). I don’t know if the solution is boycotts or strong arm tactics, against the cyber-appendages of the vulgar Democrats, but for anyone who wasn’t aware of this, I’m here to tell you that’s precisely how it is. The strong arm tactics are all coming from ‘official’ progressivism currently, and the ones playing defense (and/or catch-up) are those who are to their left.

A handful of people who have the requisite name recognition are allowed to publish on all of the party’s organs, but any budding future versions of them are given the back of the hand. It seems that the sickness of celebrity in this country extends far beyond the realm of show business; and since most of our communities in this country no longer have any center of meeting or public square, where the ideas of the day can be hashed out (or agreed or disagreed upon freely), then it seems that the ‘information superhighway’, is supposed to substitute for our absence of a political or social (central) space. However, of course, the first amendment does not seem to apply to our present medium; therefore the guts are stripped out of the discussion, if ‘incendiary’ or ‘provocative’ topics are expelled from the debate!

In the ‘alternative’ media there is no longer any serious application of the statement, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Rather the ‘doctrine’ of the vast swath of the aforementioned media (summed up in as few words as possible) seems to be, “Disapprove of what I say, and you will be put to death!” The Obamabots win every time when this ‘doctrine’ proves to be the standard; and free and open discussion in a democratic society, loses every time as well. Moreover, the Soviet-esque U.S. political system marches on, and the special interests and the corporatocracy rule time and time again!