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As I see all these Americans going to Cuba, it’s never been so clear to me how good communism was for America. Because “our” (today multi-nationals) corporations actually had to employ Americans, with so many countries closed off to them in the world.

US companies did do some activity in some communist nations, the “libertarian” Kochs for example made their fortune in the Soviet Union as I understand. But for the most part American corporations were shut out of the communist world, at least until Richard Nixon went to China. And so, before we “won” the Cold War we actually had an economy!


I grew up thinking there were intelligent and learned people in America. Yeah, there’s a major anti-intellectual strain — in fact the popular culture seems to just descend and descend and descend you almost have be literally mentally handicapped in order to “appreciate” any of it (Kardashians, Taylor Swift, etc.), but I thought a lot of Americans valued intellect and knowledge. This cretin Trump he brags he went to the best college or some such. He’s just like a yahoo, but from Wall Street. The George W. Bush of New York City!

He campaigned for Netanyahu his last election I think, and he has an Orthodox Jewish daughter. And these “alternatives”/alternative media websites spend a huge percentage of their sites talking about the lobby, Zionism, etc. — unbelievably some (many?) of these people are actually now supporting Trump!

Note: This was actually published on February 22nd, but somehow it got stuck in the privately published phase. Which is kind of a misnomer/oxymoron really since that means no one can see it except the post’s author.

There are some that have the tail wagging dog quite a bit in their historical scenarios. Which does undoubtedly occur, of course, upon occasion and from time to time. In my humble opinion though, the warmongering American ruling class can gin up senseless wars and wars of choice on its own however just fine. Along with its auxiliaries of Wall Street and the City of London, unequivocally.

Part of the American lockstep with Israel is the want/need for a permanent and stable military outpost in the Middle East, methinks. In fact, it is not always the tail wagging the dog as has been theorized by some. The financiers and the endogenous military-industry complex of the United States do quite all right on their own in a fervent quest for perpetual war/wars. War is the health of the state after all, as it has often been indeed said.

It just simple fact(s) that more egalitarian countries, the more social democratic as opposed to the more free market, have a wide range of outcomes beyond just a more fair overall distribution of wealth. I’m hearing a lot in the “land” of progressivedom/ism that social democracy is bankrupt, reform is no longer possible anymore, and so these types of strategies (social democratic ones) are anachronistic at this point/juncture.

I certainly have to admit that it does seem virtually everywhere that the 20th century is being rolled back. But America is, of course — on this, one of the worst! Folks have worse health care, education, higher cost of higher education, work longer (if they do have a job), get less vacation time, are on more medications (including for mental health not to mention pay the highest prices in the world for pharmaceutical drugs), have less potential for upward class mobility, and even “enjoy” shorter life spans! I could go on. And this, in my opinion, is because we didn’t have the “reformed capitalism” of say Scandinavia, as well as other parts of Western Europe to begin with!

It is questionable if social democracy is on the advance anywhere in the post-industrialized capitalist countries, that much is for sure! But a country like the US that had never achieved the workers’, and social democratic gains of many other nations, is having massive repercussions in quality of life and human suffering for pretty much all except for perhaps the very affluent, and the extremely well-to-do/well off! The threat of the capitalist within any nation, is certainly as great as ever, to abscond elsewhere in the face of organized labor, or indeed organized “have-nots” of any iteration that may be calling for varying degrees/reforms of economic or social fairness.

The 99% I think, though, still doesn’t have any alternative to organization, means of propaganda/education, marching in the streets, and calls for an economy that serves human life/beings — as opposed to merely the financial markets, and globally focused corporate colossuses. And moreover, the exact policy prescriptions that come out of such striving(s)/vision, I would not say, necessarily have to be moderate/reformist ones, too! In my humble opinion this talk essentially all boils down to “reinventing the progressive wheel”. I personally have been observing this kind of argument for over a decade, and so it’s easy to see how the workaday Joe or Jane would have little patience for such endless debating/hypothesis!

In summation, I certainly don’t think that I’m something like a grand mufti — or indeed anything of the sort — I think I have made my point clear though, however. I agree with the critique of OWS for example that it lacked effective strategy, leadership, and program; as well as that it raised far too few demands! As the venerable Frederick Douglass, of course, stated power concedes nothing without them (demands)! But to wring our hands or perennially, everyday overly intellectualize, no! That cannot, will not be, and is not any solution! I personally would surely welcome another wave of social democracy. As the Bolivarian Revolution was (and still is under the leadership of comrade and President Maduro) socialism for 21st century. Whether the inevitable shift toward the people (the vast majority) is progressive or radical, reformist or revolutionary, I’m sorry, I think it’s academic! From the days of serfdom, and, of course, even earlier the great mass has struggled against that thin layer of the elites/elite power. Nevertheless, however the goal posts may change that struggle will remain — and unequivocally is in my opinion — still palpable!

Change may become just as palpable through the active struggle of a fast food worker, retail sales clerk, day care worker, or anyone who subsists via the “lower-tier jobs”, which remain in existence in the so-called information economy. (Whose advent seems to have augured the ending of the day of an [at least approaching acceptably] egalitarian America.) Change could surely come from folks sweating through the hard work of robust labor. Indeed, sure it could rather than emerging via someone who sits in front of a computer screen all day, buries their nose deep in volumes of abstruse theoretical “revolutionist/revolutionary” tomes, or even is so “visionary” and “revered” as to dwell — virtually full-time — in a vaunted ivory tower!

Here is an article with a very strong statement from the government of Gambia on the Anglo-American/neo-colonial/imperial game being foisted upon them. Many I am certain, surely, know Africa much better than I. It seems like the West has kind of had Africa in line — so to speak (not in every country) — for a while now, though. Hopefully, the beginning of like what we have seen in Latin America, might be starting to take place in Africa too.

Knocking out Qaddafi’s Al-Jamahiriya Revolution was no doubt a very integral piece to the malevolent Western grand narrative/master strategy. And maybe this will even boomerang back upon these megalomaniacal Western “overlords”, however, and prove to be a very inauspicious action; indeed, that will light a fire under many African leaders/nations! And moreover, perhaps even many of these same leaders/nations will realize what serene, and imperturbable lapdogs that they have been acting like for so long!

This Lebanese woman — who is an ardent supporter of Hezbollah — says that General Al-Sisi is a Nasserist, and that he even has a portrait of him (Nasser) hanging in his office. I don’t know about that (the portrait or the Nasserism, lol) because so far as I can tell Egypt has only exchanged paymasters. The wily Ikwan’s Dr. Morsi was on the take from the Qataris (otherwise known as the Gutteris), and the newly enthroned general is from the Saudis. And, of course, the US imperial money spigot has continued to flow unabated too, as the power transition there was never de jure recognized as a certifiable, and illegitimate coup d’etat!

General Al-Sisi is better for the minorities (such as the Copts), but other than that; I am waiting to see a lot more positive red meat, so to speak, from the “good” general. And moreover, I am waiting to see if he has any kind of serious bona fides to take on the evil hegemonic powers of this world, or if he will simply be another unreconstructed Mubarak-like thug! A sad case, if that becomes the reality of the situation for Egypt/the Egyptian people, and auguring very poorly, for the entire continent of Africa, I think, also as well! And, of course, cravenly and fiendishly belying these recent tremendous, constructive, immensely incisive and positive statements from the astute government of Gambia, telling the Western would-be puppet masters, and self-appointed “global prison warders” exactly where they can go!

The American Christian right, which cannot understand the Holy Bible, is now jubilant today over the death of Hugo Chavez. Their leader taught them to love one’s enemies, in fact, he taught them to love everyone; instead, those of us who have to suffer in a nation with these obtuse — and virulently stupid and ignorant people — know what constitutes their character, or lack thereof, without fail though. These people would have us living in a theocratic state like that of Saudi Arabia, if these lunkheads had their first and foremost choice, after all.

Chavez himself told Larry King that he loved Jesus Christ, was an altar boy as a youth, and Chavez was, of course, a Roman Catholic. The radical anti-Christiandom from the American hard right is nothing new, for certainty. These people wouldn’t know the message of the Prince of Peace if it hit them upside the head. Their message in this humble observer’s opinion is more akin, to that of the aforementioned pacific Prince’s mortal adversary, though. Leading one to wonder if there is something more to all of the scandals, corruption, and malfeasance that has been evidenced over the years by televangelists, megachurch leaders, prominent Evangelicals — and purported staunch pious believers in the teachings and the message of their: savior, redeemer and Son of Man.

Robert Reich has an interesting column from Friday. Unfortunately, another way of looking at the crux of his arguments, is that it makes the culling of the herd theories not seem so trite. I don’t necessarily believe those theories; I mean actually I don’t. But it does seem as if an agenda to “thirdworldize” America has been afoot for some time now. After all the third world should have been developed by now, according to intellectual production going back to the 1950s, and perhaps even earlier. Maybe the global elites have said instead let’s drive everyone down to that state. The evidence, I think, suggests as much.

Reich is putting forward Henry Ford-esque economics; I’d say, which American business has long ago thrown away. Low-paid flexible wage slaves, is what they get a major jones over today — and that’s it! An additional point is: the right-wing is phony on this government are not real jobs stuff. They are military Keynesians. Butter be damned they are mad about guns, in a plethora of ways of which we more than acutely understand!

“The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks. By and large, Free Syrian Army battalions are tired, divided, chaotic, and ineffective. Al-Qaeda fighters, however, may help improve morale. The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results.”

– Ed Husein, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations

It has been said that America’s last liberal President was Richard Nixon. Nixon set up the EPA, OSHA, and created the Clean Water Act. Additionally, he had a better health plan than Obamacare, and proposed a guaranteed minimum income. Nixon also implemented price controls, which notably — in recent history — Hugo Chavez, has been savagely attacked in Western media, for introducing on basic foodstuffs and household goods.

1981 is said to be the breaking point of when the modern Republican Party, began its failure in accepting that government has a role to play in propping up — and, moreover, aiding and abetting — Americans’ livelihood and well-being. The much ballyhooed advent of the so-called Reagan Revolution. And ergo this began the inroads, into creating a system of essentially two neoliberal, militarist, Wall Street, and largely indifferent to the needs of significant sections of the American population political parties.

We should keep this in mind considering that we have just been enduring the revolting, gross, and gratuitously self-congratulatory (taxpayer funded) spectacles of the — decrepit, moribund and abounding with cretinism — duopoly conventions. So, what are we to make of things after envisaging these uber lurid, radically self-aggrandizing, and entirely putrefactive celebrations? For one it’s clear to me that a battle royale between Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson, would be a marked improvement, over the bromides, platitudes, and; undoubtedly, soon-to-be-broken promises of the plutocracy’s kept candidates of their choosing.

Clearing brush, pork rinds, arithmetic, surreptitious tax returns, “presidential” beer recipes and gaffing vice presidential candidates, are about the utmost the level of “cerebreality” that these folks, unequivocally, want to “ascend” toward. Celebreality is much more important anyhow! That is to say, what kerfluffle has a prominent Scientologist befallen him or herself into at the present moment! This stock in trade is all the more important than: wars and peace, progressive taxation (or a Tobin tax), guaranteeing health care, poverty, the Great Recession, unemployment, and the greatest disparity of wealth in all of the Western world!

On the foreign affairs front, the French have lurched forward into the preeminent imperial role in the decapitation, sacking and dismemberment of the Arab Republic of Syria. The “socialist” Hollande is now planning to arm Islamist guerrillas who include voluminous battle-hardened Salafis, and even — the sometime NATO/Western mortal enemy/adversary — Al Qaeda. The neocon enemy image, in fact, which has eroded so many civil liberties in America; cast aside the Constitution; and metamorphosized the country into a police/surveillance society and/or (take your pick!) ultra-security state.

Now, of course, Al Qaeda has been reborn as an ally planting “American” values against a regime that is unequivocally authoritarian, but not without its positive attributes. Which includes tolerance of a mosaic of religious and faith traditions, exceedingly low cost university-level education, and government subsidy of many basic provisions, foodstuffs, household items, and everyday wares. In fact, in 2005 the Christian Science Monitor ran an article about what an agreeable experience — that so many Americans were having — studying Arabic in the capital city of Damascus. The Arab Republic of Syria, even with all of its drawbacks, is certainly preferable to the theocratic, anachronistic, strict sharia caliphate “alternative” proffered, by precisely the wild-eyed militants that the NATO/Western countries are currently so myopically and narrow-mindedly backing, and so vehemently in support of. (Many of them are not from Syria by the way, they are being brought in from Libya, Chechnya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere — about 60% according to a Medecins Sans Frontieres doctor, who was only recently in the country.)

The French are no doubt stepping up the brazen adventure/interventionism, whilst the American political silly season places handcuffs, on some of America’s hegemonism; that might spell trouble for Beltway spin doctors to massage, repackage, gussy up, and/or twist or otherwise festoon for the voting “riffraff”, “the great unwashed”, and “the rabble”. Better off not to patently and intentionally seriously overcomplicate, a (previously) unsophisticated and garden variety flimflam/deception.

In Libya some Muslim radicals, that are now readily operating in that country — and exceedingly armed-to-the-gills — recently destroyed some sacred Sufi sites, to no doubt christen the US/NATO-brought “freedom” to that country. This, undeniably, reminds one of the benighted mentality that led the Taliban to bringing about the batty-headed, incoherent, and lunatic bombing of the Afghan Buddhas of Bamiyan.

Of course, the ignominious Ronald Reagan christened the inordinately fanatical mujahideen, as much like America’s own Founding Fathers. And perhaps ironically, today our “democrats” in Libya, would seem to be of rather similar rearing, upbringing, tack, style, attitude, worldview and overall demeanor. Most assuredly, anyone of any other faith tradition, would have a difficult run-in with these folks — should they encounter them in a dark alleyway — or, for that matter, any place at all! And moreover, anyone who has been persistently following the events in Libya, since the “mainstream” media lost all interest in them, was not; of course, surprised at all, to the see the Benghazi consulate attack — and the needless deaths that occurred there (sadly), as a result.

The Christians in Syria, who predominantly support Dr. Bashar al-Assad, know precisely what kind of “freedom fighters”, that the West has taken great relish in: seemingly infallibly, consistently and unflinchingly backing. In fact, Patriarch Gregorios III of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, has cautioned against foreign interventionism in his country, and furthermore accused the Western media of negligently misreporting on the conflict. A Syrian nun, Sister Agnes Mariam, has recently recounted that she personally eyewitnessed, the beheading of nine Alawite Syrians. According to the sister, they were murdered simply for being Alawite, by; of course, the Western-backed “democratic”, and indeed, raucous proxy forces.

Clearly, an agenda of stopping development, on a multitude of levels, is an aspect of the pernicious strategy that appears to be at work here. Freedom, human rights, women’s rights, and rights of speech and expression are thinly veiled patinas for domination, and “creative destruction” of a ravenous, retrograde, ignoble, antediluvian, and inillustrious breed. Of course, America has never acted truly consistently toward Wilsonianism, but this is; certainly, a far cry from it, indeed!

Seemingly, that once great beacon on a hilltop, has become a beacon of benightedness, for sure. Allied with some of the most backward absolutist monarchies, and the most obtuse of “pious” militants, death squads, and “Godly” roving “religious” warriors, miscreants, and thugs. Unfortunately, for Americans and non-Americans alike, Americans have virtually no choice in this matter at their polling places, in the ongoing presidential election/food fight/sham. Either of the two candidates — that are capable of winning, will continue on with this sordid trash.

Fortunately, we seem to see other nations (and blocs) rising, unalike that of which we have envisioned in some time. Some examples, of course, include the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas), the Non-Aligned Movement, and the BRICS. This sort of thing, I think, is most probably the beacon lying abreast of today’s enlightened hilltop. For all to look upon with great positive portent, and the highest and the utmost of regard.

The wanting of a world with the ending of these vicious cycles of domination, with “great powers” dictating schemes to “lesser”, and “inferior” subsidiary client nations. Of course, the new power configurations aren’t going to be any guarantee of rule by: the diminutive, the genteel, the dignified, the noble — and the altruistically and the courageously strong. But at least there is new hope, within these nascent rising power configurations. There is hope for elements to originate and to fully consummate, that will far outweigh; if it even had any, the positive elements, of the previous (ancien) global de facto administration/regime.

The people who hate America are running it. So, just as the robber barons — nor the Pinkerton Thugs — aren’t thought of very kindly in the history books. Then if the arc of history truly bends towards justice, then the political and business elites in America today, will likely be viewed in very much the same manner.

At least the robber barons became philanthropists. Today’s plutocrats are buying off our political system, and making things even all the more corporatist, unpalatable, totally non-participatory and disgusting. Some of them are even plotting, and planning to move offshore to lawless, tax-free, wholly deregulated, and precariously floating micro-islas! For that effort, I should think, then we shall all say, “Good riddance!”

Today’s politicians — of every stripe — are passing legislation such as H.R. 347 and the NDAA. And not only that, but they have — still fairly recently, made it illicit for them to engage in insider trading. Bill Gates is ostensibly doing something good, I don’t really follow any of his work; I’m not too familiar with any of the work that he does. Perhaps he’s a lone uber-wealthy soul out there doing yeoman’s labor.

Anyways anyhow, those of us — who are not now, nor have ever been — malefactors of great wealth should think of our own activities and activism against the MSM consensus/the Borg hive mind, or the so-called bourgeois political center, as a practice of impeccable citizenship/civic participation. And moreover, to also think of ourselves; in fact, as better denizens than whatever the insane (and unintelligible) gasbags, and blockheads of AM hate radio would slander us and libel us as — with their inane, venomous, noxious and puerile banter.

I had thought that Americans hated royals/royalty, but the MSM coverage of first the Prince’s wedding, and then the Queen’s jubilee has absolutely befuddled me. These people are like living figurines, with no purpose. Great fodder for the American advertising machine, I guess. Reality TV where nothing occurs, no one makes any significant contribution(s), and ultimately what is proffered is a kind of facily digestible vulgar, sensationalistic and lurid ultra-materialism — is certainly an ode to a particular kind of “royalism”, I think.

Americans may be a very proud lot — as any — who do not live under the thumb of an archaic (and even antediluvian) monarchy, but perhaps there is something in the human condition that piques wide interest in leisurous living, gratuitous otiosity, and ostentatious displays of wealth. Perhaps these are the factors that will always make the British royal family have some degree, or band of interest even within a proud, and decidedly non-monarchical (republican) country.