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It looks like that Macron is sort of trying to resurrect the Third Way in France, although he had a cup of coffee in the Hollande administration I think that as far as the Socialist Party, and Labour in the UK the Third Way forces pretty much have egg on their face/have been beaten down. On this side of the pond it’s never been clear to me what the Lib Dems actually stand for, but maybe they’ll try and dig it up from the grave in the UK…

Bernie I pretty much thought was the de facto leader of the Democrats after the election. I don’t really think Ellison has risen because he’s a black Muslim… I think that he’s an issues-oriented guy not just gotten to where he is because he fits the quota for identities (and even goes beyond!) that is so chic in the Obama/Clinton corporatist/identity politics-based Democratic Party — it takes me a long time to believe in anybody I pretty much think they are all waiting to insert the knife, lol, into back, but anyway Ellison was “Bernie’s man” for DNC although he didn’t get that (chair) they did establish a new position for him. And so I think that actually showed something… Even if at the same time it did show that perhaps it’s too much to say Bernie is the de facto leader we really never should have expected the old guard to just shrivel up (like that Wizard of Oz witch, lol) they still are going to have something to say about social democracy (which I think Bernie actually represents whatever he says that he represents, the Bolivarian Revolution for instance is a better example of democratic socialism IMO) overtaking “Wall Street’s second party”! (Like we are still seeing Shill out there still representing herself as if she is some kind of leader.) But anyway, I view these developments as overall positive even if the Obamabot/Clintonista forces may have won (in the past), and may still yet have a few more battles to prevail in.


Socialized medicine doesn’t seem to be what the slanders are from this article that I came across in Business Insider. Well the VA in these very United States of America is a kind of socialized medicine really, but don’t tell the Tea Party certainly about that!

One of Trump’s tenets I think is that he is allegedly going to “fix the VA”. I’m certain there are a lot of problems with it — although I don’t think that market-based solutions or privatization is really the remedy, which I’d expect brand X Republicans and Democrats would be talking about if they wanted to “fix it”. I don’t know what Bernie’s plan/plans are on the VA, I’d think he’d not be simpatico with a market-based/neoliberal/privatization-oriented “fix” however. I’m not saying Trump would be doing that sort of “fix”, just I’d be more certain that Bernie was opposed to it.

I think Trump is all over the map, it’s really hard to predict exactly what it is he’s going to do in so many arenas. If he pursues a full employment economy that should include some non-market based/non-orthodox neoliberal doctrines, so maybe then he has something entirely different in store for the VA than what the “two parties” would propose.

I think Joe Biden’s basically a cipher (and not the way that’s it’s used like in intelligence parlance, lol, for example), the Senator from MBNA… I heard an interview with multi-time campaign loser Bob Scrum the other day — an affable enough fellow but a bird brain, I’m sorry to say — and he chalked up what’s happening in the campaign this year to “authenticity”. This is the Beltway political consultants thinking undoubtedly, it’s not at all that Sanders and Trump are “off the reservation” and might be proposing something/many things that are different! The sheeple (in their words/minds, the Beltway consultants) are viewing them as “authentic”. And so, they just need to get someone in with most, if not all, of the standard talking points and positions but who is jovial and even goofy quite frankly! What I feel that Joe  Biden is…

And that is in lieu of, of course, the wooden and unempathetic Ms. Clinton (she doesn’t “feel people’s pain” like her ever so charming and mythologically politically adept husband once did); at least that’s how she comes off whilst she’s out there on the stump — and on the campaign trail!

Former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann doesn’t have the slightest clue what she is talking about in this CNN debate with Bernie Sanders here. In it she argues that the United States of America, is not availing itself of its natural resources in the same manner that Norway is. Norway has a sovereign wealth fund, generated by its possession of oil that is owned and controlled by the people of Norway. And so thusly, it is able to have one of the most, if not the most, extensive social welfare states/highest standards of living in the world! Norway also has a state-owned oil company called Statoil, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist — or a tax attorney of which Michele Bachmann is by trade — to know that there isn’t any such American (state-owned) entity.

All of the taxes and all of the dividends from the government’s share of Statoil goes into the sovereign wealth fund. The Norwegian sovereign wealth fund also owns approximately 1% of all of the world’s stocks, as well as bonds and real estate! And this by .07% of all of the world’s people! A total population of only just over approximately 5 million Norwegian citizens. The only thing similar in the US — to the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund — is the state of Alaska, with its permanent fund. A fund which actually gives Alaskan citizens a check (yearly) due to that state’s intrinsic oil wealth. And not only that, but I believe that it is in the state of Alaska’s constitution that all of its citizenry jointly owns their God-given booty.

And so these “socialist” policies of Norway (as well more than likely Alaska), I’d wager our dear Ms. Bachmann is probably quite frankly wholly ignorant of. In truth, I don’t understand what Congresswoman Bachmann is driving at with what she says; although, it’s probably just hating on/railing against more of that “pesky gubernment regulation”! However, if her statements actually pertained to the actuality of how oil is exploited in Norway, our “enchanting” Ms. Bachmann would, of course, be worth voting for — relating to/regarding whatever high office she may (hypothetically) be running for — come that resplendent forthcoming election day.

Martin Bashir is like a tabloidy type of journalist, but he does a very fair interview with Bernie Sanders here:

Erin Burnett could learn a lot from watching this interview!

p.s. I think that Martin Bashir represents a European mystified, by the hard right of American politics!

If you want to sign a petition that recommends that the rich pay for the economic bailout go here.