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Tim Kaine seems to be a definite safe pair of hands. Hillary found a DINO even more right-wing than she, and it seems as if he was up to his elbows in his days down in Honduras in highly malevolent spook activities!


Alex Jones admits here in this interview with Stefan Molyneux that he tried (in the past) to transcend the left and right… That’s good to hear because I seem to recall him not too long ago still trying to say that he’s not left or right. Anyway, anyone following the show over many years knows the show has changed quite markedly in the last year or two. It’s really a mean-spirited change IMHO, in the past he seemed to kind of be forwarding his agenda — not really spending a lot of time trashing anybody. Now he seems to be finding “leftists” under every rock (interesting he defends Joe McCarthy in the interview, “a good guy on a good mission whose biggest problem was only that he was a drunk” or some such, considering Roy Cohn was Donald Trump’s mentor and AJ’s candidate that he would like McCarthy is certainly no surprise).

Obama is a hand-picked CIA grown and nurtured president! As Wayne Madsen has reported his mommy and step-daddy killed Indonesian “communists” (at least anybody actually rather quite broadly suspected as such). The other day I think that he (Alex Jones) had Angela Merkel, who leads a center-right party in Germany that has long been associated with the Catholic vote in that country, as part of some configuration of “leftists” that he was reviling. In the past I’ve heard him describe the Queen of England as a “leftist”! The Queen as well as the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (aka “Windsor”) House of royalty are well-known supporters of the Tory party! Praising Joe McCarthy methinks actually says a lot about the present (mental) state of Alex Jones!

Not to defend the Muslim Brotherhood, but in Hamas’s defense it has only been two years since Sisi led a coup against their ally Morsi. I can’t see where Sisi did anything to help the Gazans during this slaughter in Gaza. I must say the second coming of Nasser, Al-Sisi certainly doesn’t look like to me!

Some have suggested that there is a US/CIA-Muslim Brotherhood alliance. Sisi has been cracking down heavily on them in Egypt. Sisi is on the take from the Saudis, the Saudis also don’t like the Ikwan. Qatar is the moneybags behind the Muslim Brotherhood. It seems pretty tricky to me especially when considering that both Qatar and KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) are allies of the United States government.

A big aspect of colonization, of course, was all about getting resources to the First World countries (and also cheap). During the decolonization process a number of leaders emerged throughout the Third World who wanted to challenge this. The decolonization process was an impetus for revolution, one that never happened in the First World obviously because they were the ones doing the colonizing.

Thinking of Marx and his theorization. I think that the peasantry (historically) has actually proven to be more radical than the working class in many nations. The percentage of First World populations involved in agriculture, I think has probably been dropping for a long time (perhaps it’s flattened out or even taken a slight uptick in recent history considering I believe that some young New Age/neo-hippie-types, for lack of a better characterization, seem interested in organic agriculture/farming).

I’ve perceived that if we take the Third World as a whole I think that the plurality of countries during the Cold War viewed communism and Russia/the Soviet Union more favorably than capitalism/the United States. Perhaps why the CIA worked so vigorously — and with so many national elites, to install autocrats that allowed very little dissent, and social and political organization that could even be capable of bringing about a revolution. Of course, many revolutions (or potential revolutions) were likewise aborted/curtailed by the overthrow of populist, socialist and/or communist leaders as well; and it was once again the aforementioned CIA that was spiritedly instrumental in this process, for certainty, very much also.

I have only just heard that the once preeminent investigative journalist Michael C. Ruppert has died. From what I know of the situation thus far, Michael has very sadly committed suicide. Michael Ruppert was definitely one of my most revered heroes for a time. He certainly raised some red flags (about himself) on Gary Webb, and also his classless attack on Alex Jones. He put out a lot of good info out there though, and I don’t believe that he was a disinfo person — just mercurial. Vaya con dios, Michael! You were a thinker, a scholar, investigator, a gentleman (the plurality of the time), and a budding mystic towards the end of your stay on this planet. You will be missed, even though you “mixed it up”, and maybe not so gracefully/graciously with a number of people certainly, upon occasion and from time to time.

“[Obama] didn’t just embrace the Bush policies he kissed them on the lips and ran with them.” – Ret. United States Air Force Colonel, Morris Davis

“The buck stops here!” – Harry S. Truman

The Washington Post looks like it decided to do a bit of actual journalism recently. Penning an extensive and informative article, on the Obama infatuation with the mass-killing aerial drone. This former constitutional scholar does not seem to feel impeded — by either the Constitution or the Bill of Rights — in his love affair with; and indeed, his use and misuse of this harbinger (and indeed harvester) of death.

Obama is at present, in fact, leading the way in the history of United States presidents, in his extensive reliance on the secret killing of individuals; ostensibly in the interest of securing national security goals. Attorney Morris Davis, former chief prosecutor of the military commissions at Guantanamo, has raised serious doubts about the entire nature of the multifold and various drone assassination program.

Davis finds it astounding that an American civilian organization (the CIA), would be going into a foreign country, and launching offensive military attacks. Attacks that are unilaterally “justified” — by the whim, fiat or fancy — of a sitting United States president and commander-in-chief. And, in particular, the specific drone attack that successfully targeted the so-called Al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki; Davis says that he is unaware of any legal justification for that, and calls it simply murder.

The Washington Post opines¬†that the Obama drone program may have been eluding massive scrutiny, because of the killing of so many Al-Qaeda operatives, without any risk to actual physical pilots, or genuine human military cost. They, of course, fail to mention that we are told that Al-Qaeda terrorists are the ones being murdered; which is a narrative that many have questioned. In fact, is the United States government actually killing “evildoers” and terrorists, or are they just exterminating average, ordinary, and everyday work-a-day folks? Like Vietnam, the Obama administration could probably care less — just so long as the bodies pile up!

As “Al-Qaeda” is eviscerated, the Obama regime can, undoubtedly, look all the more forceful, “tough”, “macho”, “resolute” and emboldened! And Obama will,¬†undeniably, be facing an election versus an ultra-militarist Republican challenger, so he probably doesn’t want to be taken for a wussy! Dead innocents are just a form of collateral damage, for the Obama (2012) reelection campaign! Just as bona fide progressives were, for the hope and change campaign of only four short years ago!

Not only is Obama shredding and flouting the Constitution with his ardor and affection for the mass immolating drone, but in his recent signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, he’s also doing the same! The United States government is now capable of indefinitely detaining citizens, and without ever having to give them a (previously) necessary trial! In addition, Obama broke still yet another campaign promise, by attaching a signing statement to that particular piece of abominable legislation!

The spindly and futile statement purports that his administration, will not allow the indefinite detention of United States citizens without a speedy trial. A future Bushian administration, of course, would be unlikely to have any such qualms (of which Obama purports to lay claim to). But Obama has already extra-judicially killed American citizens without trials — not to mention serially and perennially lied on a panoply of other considerable issues — so his word is about as good as space garbage!

The hopes of the Obama campaign have turned to drones; the change of the Obama campaign has turned to a setting back of American law prior to the signing of the Magna Carta. The Obama campaign, perhaps fearing the ever invigorating, awakening, and enlivening 99% — perhaps feeling it has no alternative to being Bush II, should no longer have any credence with civil libertarians; in fact, it should no longer have any credence with any of those who hold true to the bedrock principles that are taught — growing up — to the vast majority of American youth.

I don’t know all of this to be true, but I think a lot of it is (actually). The Dalai Lama certainly does not seem to be what the MSM and the U.S. State Department are selling.

update: It seems I’m getting a lot of non-believers in this video, lol. A lot of this is new information to me. I thought the Tibetan struggle was a just one, but the evidence is just not corroborating that… Here’s a lengthy piece by Michael Parenti that validates a lot of what Tarpley is saying. If anyone thinks Parenti is not reputable s/he certainly will have to explain that.