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Dr. Tarpley spent the whole first half of World Crisis Radio talking about the lawsuit. It seems Trump was not lying about going after the 1st amendment. Tarpley thinks this is an unprecedented effort, but I don’t think the full research is in yet. (As I understand his point no president or first lady or would-be president or would-be first lady has tendered this kind of suit.) He also thinks that a historian making a modest living in the DC suburbs can’t contest such a suit as this as easily as one of the biggest scandal sheets of Great Britain! Folks in the alternative media — including that hate him, should take heed of this, and the kind of potential chilling effect that this can have on small, independent and usually inadequately resourced media.

Trump I think owes a lot to certain segments of the alternative media… And so, I would think that these segments that are friendly to Trump would be concerned about this, although I don’t expect that they will be.


I haven’t watched much RT America for a while. I recall Liz Wahl when I did watch. She didn’t sound too informed when I saw her on Lawrence O’Donnell last night. Which surprised me because based upon what I’d seen she was professional, and I didn’t think someone who would work for RT would have the views that she expressed on O’Donnell last night. (American exceptionalist stuff which IMHO is actually very dangerous.)

I caught her on another program earlier, in that interview she seemed to not want to criticize Abby Martin in any way. Then on Lawrence O’Donnell she seemed to be saying that Abby Martin has more freedom because the (overall) narrative of her program was the kind of thing that RT likes. Abby Martin’s show is not the kind of thing that the American mainstream media likes! Which she (Abby Martin) made clear on Piers Morgan. Piers claimed he had no knowledge that anything he’d said while on CNN had rankled ownership/management at all! Anyone who’s watched more than a few minutes of his show, I’m sure wasn’t surprised by that! We’re not exactly dealing with Jacob Riis, when we’re talking about Piers Morgan!

It’s clear to me typically when and where RT will not challenge its paymasters. It’s also pretty clear what the restraints of the US corporate media are! The point of media that is not government funded is that it’s not just supposed to go along with the foreign policy of the country where it’s based. On this score the American media operates as if it might as well be state-funded too!

When I saw this, I thought that it’s similar to domestic CNN vs. CNN International. You either get two paid shill know-nothings (that they call by the laughable name of ‘strategist’, strategist of what? ROFL!), yelling back and forth at one another! Or you actually get reporting on some events, that are happening around the world!

p.s. The same European Time cover ran in Asia and the South Pacific.

“We were always cautious about the triumph of President Obama. Early on, we began to take note of the truth, that the empire is here, alive and more threatening than ever.”

– Hugo Chavez Frias

It is said when you can’t beat ’em, that you might as well make common cause with them, but in the case of President Hugo Chavez and the government of Venezuela this doesn’t seem to be the logical choice of the U.S. State Department, and the corporate ‘mainstream’ media at all. Since, the Obama State Department and its auxiliaries are incapable of debunking the unequivocal success of the Bolivarian revolution, and since the CIA’s forays into the Bolivarian Republic have been far from a success; the corporate MSM seems to be employing the strategy, that if you can’t beat ’em, then you might as well throw a whole bunch of mud in their eye.

Craven, and seemingly incapable of a fair fight, the corporate ‘mainstream’ media egregiously; goes for the low blow, each and every time. The propaganda and half-truth, levied against the sitting Venezuelan President, at times veers into the realm of classifying Chavez as a dictatorial strongman — which has never stopped the U.S. government before — but I think the lion’s share of the effort to impugn and delegitimize Chavez, is to make him out to be playing with something far short of a full deck.

Perhaps most recognizably, we have seen the baseness of the coverage of President Chavez in colorful remarks that he has made about George W. Bush being the devil, or in his referring to Sarah Palin as a confused beauty pageant contestant. These comments have been made out to be the zenith of President Chavez’s intellectual powers. And although the Venezuela leader, may — at times — make these sort of flip, off the cuff remarks and comments; his raising of serious and incisive points about the United States empire and belligerent ‘hegemonic’ power; generally go unnoticed by a media, seemingly looking to do nothing other than lampoon and skewer the Bolivarian President.

Presumably, anyone who opposes — and has a coherent critique — of U.S. neocolonialism and imperialism is some kind of a buffoon or imbecile. History, of course, ended long ago, and anyone looking to swim against the tide of the straitjacket that the wealthiest countries want to affix upon the rest of humanity, apparently must be hopelessly misinformed and/or wildly out of touch. Never do the so-called mainstream media reliable sources, focus on figures like a drop in poverty from 71% in 1996 to 23% in 2010, or that Venezuela, long ago, met its UN Millennium Development targets. Instead, slander, invective, and a generalized muddying of the waters, are the tools of the ‘diligent reporting’ of the ‘venerable’ corporatist press. Read the rest of this entry »

If one listens to the corporate media and/or ‘political mainstream’ — which one should never of course do — one might find that s/he is an extremist. If one is for peace, like Jesus of Nazareth; s/he might be an extremist. If one is for racial and economic justice, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; s/he is probably an extreme radical. If one is for an economic bill of rights in this country, like the longest tenured president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt — to bring us more in touch with other civilized countries — s/he is almost undoubtedly against the free market and undeniably considered to be a recalcitrant Marxist agitator. This person in question is clearly just another one of the lunatic fringe in our society — probably a McVeigh or William Ayers sort, and far to the left of the ‘exceedingly liberal’ Obama.

If one thinks that there are no ‘U.S. interests’, at least altruistic ones, in a great deal of the regions of the world that the United States meddles in, s/he is unequivocally considered to be an extreme individual. If one supports the human rights of the Palestinians, not only is s/he undeniably an extreme sort of ‘unhinged’ bomb throwing radical, but an anti-Semite as well — at least considered as such by some of the knee-jerk supporters of the government of Israel. I’m sorry to say this, but in a society where peace, egalitarianism, respect for the rights of self-determination of other sovereign peoples, and the recognition that a particular oppressed group are human beings is considered to be extremism; then I’ll side with ‘extremism’ each and every time.

A different kind of extremism seems to have seized the body politic of the United States of America — as the recently retired Paul Craig Roberts has uncovered — and un-extreme thoughts and opinions seem to have virtually no access to the frighteningly narrow ‘marketplace of ideas’. It’s almost as if there exists a sort of Berlin Wall, on freedom of thought and opinion in this country; particularly if anyone thinks that the non-state and corporate sponsored thoughts and opinions, have even one slice of hope of making it into the aforementioned severely limited political discussion.

As much as I hate to give Ronald Reagan any kudos, he must not have known that the Berlin Wall would actually fall just two short years after his famous speech that he gave in Germany. If their Berlin Wall could fall, in that sort of authoritarian and inflexible society, perhaps it is possible that ours could fall too; perhaps it is possible for lighting to strike the same barrier to human initiative more than once, and to bring about the downfall of the same outmoded obstruction.

I’m so sick of this shit! I didn’t really care for the guy’s music (of course he made some good videos), and he was certainly not Sojourner Truth or Mahatma Gandhi. I’m tired of hearing how the guy healed the sick, and fed the hungry. The guy clearly had major mental issues, and he deformed himself with plastic surgery. He was the quintessential example of the sickness of celebrity in this country, and it’s truly a disgrace that real news like the dictatorship that’s taking over Honduras (not that it would be covered fairly in the corporate media anyway), and Cynthia McKinney’s kidnapping by the Israeli military are shunted aside to remember a very flawed, disturbed and tragic individual.

Where were all these people that ostensibly loved and cared so much for him when he was deforming himself with plastic surgery, hopelessly addicted to prescription medications (that, of course, caused his premature ending) and sleeping with little boys in his bedroom? I’ve never seen anything like what’s been going on recently, it’s truly a mind blower! Of course, this is the same media that covered Anna Nicole Smith’s death ad nauseam, so perhaps there shouldn’t have been any surprises. The fourth estate, indeed, more like professional wool over the eye pullers! Whoever runs CNN, Fox (of course this was already necessary), and MSNBC, please F-ing resign already! For all our sakes, resign immediately! Resign, before an angry mob with pitchforks, burning white sequined gloves on the end of sticks, storms your premises, demanding an end to the 24/7 Jackson adulation, fawning, and sycophancy! You’ll know the mob when you see them, they’ll be chanting, “Bring back Anna Nicole’s rotted dead body!”, and “Long Live the Honorable Howard K. Stern!” This Jackson mindfuck has got to be ended (using any and all available means necessary), I hope you thickheaded corporate fucks can get it!

I’m watching MSNBC and they are literally cheerleading for the bailout. Their ‘analyst’ looks like someone stole his puppy. They are hammering home that this will effect consumers ability to get credit. The public must not be understanding this, they are saying. Not even a shred of ‘objectivity’, just complete and total corporate shilling, and proud of it. And this from the ‘liberal’ cable news channel. Where is the other side? The downside of the bailout? Missing in action, so it would seem.

Andrea Mitchell is hosting, who is married to the vile Alan Greenspan, this is Greenspan’s work so naturally she wants the taxpayers to clean up his mess (can anyone say conflict of interest). The mainstream media, corporate occupied territory.