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It looks like that Macron is sort of trying to resurrect the Third Way in France, although he had a cup of coffee in the Hollande administration I think that as far as the Socialist Party, and Labour in the UK the Third Way forces pretty much have egg on their face/have been beaten down. On this side of the pond it’s never been clear to me what the Lib Dems actually stand for, but maybe they’ll try and dig it up from the grave in the UK…

Bernie I pretty much thought was the de facto leader of the Democrats after the election. I don’t really think Ellison has risen because he’s a black Muslim… I think that he’s an issues-oriented guy not just gotten to where he is because he fits the quota for identities (and even goes beyond!) that is so chic in the Obama/Clinton corporatist/identity politics-based Democratic Party — it takes me a long time to believe in anybody I pretty much think they are all waiting to insert the knife, lol, into back, but anyway Ellison was “Bernie’s man” for DNC although he didn’t get that (chair) they did establish a new position for him. And so I think that actually showed something… Even if at the same time it did show that perhaps it’s too much to say Bernie is the de facto leader we really never should have expected the old guard to just shrivel up (like that Wizard of Oz witch, lol) they still are going to have something to say about social democracy (which I think Bernie actually represents whatever he says that he represents, the Bolivarian Revolution for instance is a better example of democratic socialism IMO) overtaking “Wall Street’s second party”! (Like we are still seeing Shill out there still representing herself as if she is some kind of leader.) But anyway, I view these developments as overall positive even if the Obamabot/Clintonista forces may have won (in the past), and may still yet have a few more battles to prevail in.


Something that you won’t hear on Fox News: Kim Davis is a Democrat! Then again, you probably won’t hear it on MSDNC either! Neither “side” of the War/Money/Corporatism party I guess likes it!

Did the spooks get to him too (like they did the Black Panther Party, Huey P. and tragically so many other progressive and revolutionary brothers and sisters along the way; these things are deleted from the ‘official’ history books btw, as Huffington Post, Oped News, Democratic ‘Underground’, Free Republic and numerous others [on the approved, state and corporate sponsored ‘right’ and ‘left’ do from their websites])? Beloved Mike what has happened to you once brave soul brother?

Haha… I’m no poet… Ever since prior to the election (Summer 2008), however, when Malloy was talking about voting for Nader, then seemed to do a 180 for the hawkish, DLC corporatist/imperialist/ugly American Obama; who seemed to be adorned by a cultish, frothing at the mouth fan (fawn?) club (I was reminded of a certain Temple, and a cult of mindless, brainless Guyanese Kool-Aid imbibers; and if you missed the point, I’m not talking about the contemporary right-wing in this country), I’ve been left scratching my head! And Obama’s sycophantic fawn club, of course, consisted of a multifarious multitude of pre-pubescent teen and tween boys and girls (funny I didn’t see any of these boppers at the polls, nor at any of the Town Hall meetings btw, they could have been helpful in pushing for this further privatization of the so-called health care system in this country)! I don’t think I can even begin to imagine, I don’t think I have a mind sick enough, what the CIA does to these young people?!! The fawn club that is, of course, that I’m speaking of; to make them so mindlessly fall in line, behind a charismatic figure (sadly it’s probably our decrepit and dying school system, not the spook industrial complex, that did whatever it is that’s been perpetrated on them and their poor, innocent, troubled little souls).

Getting back to Malloy, however, I’ve been wondering who’s signature it is that’s affixed to the bottom line of the blood money payments that he undoubtedly receives via his snail mail (perhaps these things are administered electronically [in real time?] but what would an honest person seriously be doing having any internal knowledge of the workings of a thing like that?); I’d wager on, at a minimum, a bi-weekly basis. I guess these payments are not altogether injurious, however; they should at least give us some solace (and some peace of mind really), that the Malloys’ daughter and Mike’s grandchildren are eating in Barack H. Obama’s Amerika (led by his team of Bob Rubin proteges, hardliners of AIPAC [like a freshman congress critter/twerp from Florida called Alan Grayson] and cold-warrior, walking human anachronisms, petrified fossils really of the oft-referenced, uber-hawkish and heartily dreaded military industrial complex)!

Malloy’s still raging about what a bastard Reagan was (is there even any debate about that? [just ask the priests and nuns of Nicaragua, they’ll tell you, and, of course, the learned professor emeritus of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT] or time or consideration that needs to be wasted for the proverbial ‘other side’?), and going on and on about right-wing crazies/crypto-fascists like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Levine, and all of their lesser known subalterns, sycophants, and boot-licker colleagues in that unrivaled, never duplicated, and eminently distinguished medium of the Two Minutes Hate (and on AM radio, of course, and now Cable ‘news’ organizations and TV shows as well, whoa mama! they’re really stepping into the 21st century! what will be their next conquest? the beta cassette empire?)! Read the rest of this entry »

All of these so-called liberal or faux progressive groups such as the Huffington Post, Daily Kos,, etc., are essentially beating a dead horse. The Democratic Party is not the solution, it’s the problem. These organizations that channel legitimate progressives into supporting whatever middle of the road candidate that the Democrats offer up, are not going to accomplish much (if anything at all) in the short or the long run. There would be much better results if these groups called for the Democratic candidate to endorse a platform that they’d construct together. And if the Democratic candidate refused, then they would tell their supporters to support Nader or the Green candidate, or another third party progressive candidate. This makes much better sense for advancing a progressive agenda, than simply getting behind any and every Democrat that runs for elected office; this will only produce more of the same (which Barack Obama says he’s running against, but he’s not he’s lying).