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This Drumpf gambit vis a vis Qatar is probably really about cutting off the lifeline to Hamas. I wonder if we are seeing the opening stages to the Netanyahu final solution in Gaza! (Which Brendan O’Connell has been talking about extensively on his Youtube channel.) Now that Netanyahu has his shoe shine boy, and lackey at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (and a Mossad asset Kushner with such an extensive role of prominence/uber-portfolio)…

Hamas is being wise though, if they (the Zionists, the Gulf potentates and Netanyahu’s lackey Drumpf) are successful in turning the screws to at least successfully cow Qatar, they are going back to Iran — realizing their Sunni brethren as basically fakers at least IMHO Iran is a much better bet for them. In fact, I think relations between the two dropped to rock bottom when Morsi was in power, but since Sisi’s coup I think they’ve understood — don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, essentially — and have slowly been gravitating back to the initial Axis of Resistance (Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran).


Elizabeth Warren has recently given a full-throated and muscular defense of Israel, at a town hall meeting with some of her constituents in Hyannis, Cape Cod Massachusetts. The senator sounding much akin to a John McCain, Ted Cruz or any of the other most ardent Zionists and militaristic and hawkish supporters of the international pariah state. Warren stated that Hamas has attacked Israel indiscriminately, and that those attacks levied by Hamas, however, have not been as effective as that group would have hoped though, essentially thanks to the “indefatigable efforts” of the oft-touted Iron Dome system.

Well, I, for one, think that it’s a shame that Elizabeth Warren doesn’t know that one of her constituents, professor at MIT and physicist Theodore Postol, has debunked the Iron Dome actually. Saying that the much-ballyhooed success about it is actually a sham, and that is only 5% or less effective veritably. Additionally, the good senator does not seem to be aware of Israel’s doctrine of indiscriminate (state) terror called the Dayiha Doctrine. And this is an extremely abhorrent doctrine unequivocally that is fundamentally a theory which says, to quote the Israeli General Gadi Eizenkot, “[That Israel] will apply disproportionate force and cause great damage and destruction. From our standpoint, these are not civilian villages, they are military bases.” And moreover, even an “ethicist” that is employed by the IDF so-called most moral military forces has also argued that the Israeli state has an important duty to protect its citizenry, including its soldiers in battle, and that this extends to the killing of not only “enemy combatants”, but to the killing of neighbors of them as well.

No doubt the senator has been given some scripts or talking points, to be read off like a marionette by the pro-Israel lobby/forces. The senator should be made aware of these important points too I think, though, as well. And this is to say if she has any independence to take them to heart quite literally, and to perhaps even possibly alter her position, which appears to be one, seemingly, of unconditional support for the rogue state/rogue actor of Israel.

In a recent speech George Galloway said that he met Barack Obama at a demonstration, and that he spoke to him for a while. Obama told the British parliamentarian during this conversation that he’d been “well schooled” by Edward Said on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If that is true then the late and great Professor Said, must be rolling over in his grave at the actions of his wayward pupil! The horrors that Obama permits via acts of omission (as well as commission) are truly astounding, indeed.

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has already “spilled the beans” on the oath that is forcibly taken by all in the US Congress, but for Obama, a second term president, who; of course, no longer has to stand for reelection again it is truly reprehensible, for certainty, his approval of this Israeli slaughter! Perhaps some Zionists, such as “the senator from Israel” Chuck Schumer, though, might accuse Obama of that disreputable canard of anti-Semitism (when it is invoked upon those who only criticize the Zionist terrorist/rogue entity) if he were to finally find his backbone on some issue, and end this barbarian savagery!

But nevertheless these scare tactics and the constant invocation of the “A word” and the Holocaust won’t any longer cut the mustard! The world and particularly the younger generations are wising up to the Zionist schtick! A schtick that I certainly hope that anyone who is not sociopathic — unlike Obama of course, can capably discern the butchery which the Zionist rogue entity readily, willingly and repeatedly rains down on the near virtually wholly defenseless Palestinian population! That is to say to actually see through the propaganda that is of depicting Hamas as an 800-pound gorilla/bogeyman and with so many tentacles — and indeed with a myriad of shape-shifting powers “quite conceivably” — that when one cuts off one protrusion/extension of them, an infinite number would appear to take its place after the aforementioned (egregious) blow to their exterior! And so, that is “very reasonably” why more women and children must be proffered to die for the Zionist cause “of course” then!

Proportionality belies the “rationality” of the Zionist terrorist machine, however, much like Hitler’s invasion of Russia the delusions of power, are starting to be very clearly evidenced by Netanyahu and his lunatic clique of co-religionists, though. The death drive of Netanyahu and his clique is certainly starting to be readily transparent for all who are willing to observe it. And although it might be truly brilliant for some powerful military to go in, and bomb into submission — once and for all — the Zionist terror menace of Israel back into the Paleozoic era; instead, however we’ll have to hope that enough hearts and minds have been affected by this ongoing nakba, and that the world will indeed turn most assuredly. And not only turn against the Zionist terrorist machine/mechanism, but the Obama regime/coterie/insider circle as well very much also!

Isolation and derision hopefully can be more powerful, and more forceful than guns and bombs ever could be! Nevertheless, it will of course entail great patience for the ultimate goal (and the ultimate endgame) to meet its fruition, which is undoubtedly: the one-state solution, a democratic nation, and with equal rights for all of its citizens.

Hamas has an office in Qatar, which is the residence of the chairman. I know that the Emir of Qatar was giving them money in the past, but I don’t know if that is still ongoing. Although Hamas was a close ally with Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria at one time; I believe that since Hamas came out against Assad that alliance has frayed. Syed Hassan Nasrallah — I found quite surprising, has come out during this current bloodbath and said that Hezbollah is standing 100% behind the Hamas resistance! Hezbollah won’t do anything unless the Islamic Republic gives them the say-so in my opinion, though. Iran is in negotiations presently, and so I don’t expect Hezbollah to do anything because I think that those negotiations might definitely be sacrificed by Hezbollah taking any meaningful/substantive military action.

Much as the Palestinian/Gazan people make a distinction between the elected political side of Hamas and the militant wing of it, I absolutely think that Hezbollah’s words are in support of the latter, for certainty. The known tensions between political Hamas and Hezbollah, I would think, are still very much at play between the two resistance movements, but at the same time with a common enemy one can only imagine the comradely ties — difficult to break — that the two sides have developed over their common struggle’s duration.

It’s been known for some time that Israel thinks that it “mows the lawn” when it intrudes into Gaza, but comedian Bill Maher has likened these callous, frightful, and egregious slaughters to beating a woman. Maher showing not only pro-Israeli chauvinism, but additionally the popularly most commonly recognized version of it as well. This stuff is more befitting of the neo-conservative right, I think, than the kind of thing that should be uttered by an alleged “progressive mind” and “forward-thinking person”. Perhaps our “dear” Mr. Maher should start speaking with Clear Channel or Westwood One about entering the “venerable” halls of AM hate radio; instead, of continuing to haunt the literati approved corridors of the Home Box Office channel. And especially considering that with execrable rhetoric like this Mr. Maher would seem to fit in — and indeed jell better — with the “revered” milieu of vulgar propagandists and “luminaries” who he would perhaps seem to be simpatico/ideological fellow travelers with such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and other exemplars and “thought leaders” of the Neanderthalic right.

Mr. Maher did appear to try to make clear in his tweet that he was not referring to a girlfriend (presumably some mad no doubt fresh out of some asylum somewhere “common” axe-murdering crazy woman that is quite randomly, synchronistically and coincidentally choosing to follow him through the streets). However, just because Mr. Maher, as aforementioned, is assumed to be an alleged progressive or forward thinker if any professional pundit or purported political aficionado of the right had tweeted a similar joke or assertion (with a comparable premise); I think that most assuredly any such hypothetical individual would face little chance of being given — or indeed face little hope of receiving — the benefit of the doubt.


The Islamic Jihad is the only Palestinian resistance group that I’m aware of that has an outside state sponsor. Iran and Hezbollah are non-Palestinian supporters of this grouping/movement. I believe that Hamas is still getting Iranian Fajr-5 rockets, but I don’t know if they are provided to them by Iran, or if perhaps there is some intermediary from which they are getting them. I certainly don’t think that Hamas are receiving any rockets from KSA, Qatar, or any of the other Gulf Arabs.

The Iranian-Hamas relationship has splintered — and not been repaired, at least since it became realistically possible that Mohamed Morsi was going to attack the Baath Party ruled Syria (and probably even earlier). A nation that is of course a close ally of the Islamic Republic, as well as one that had been — past tense — also a close ally of Hamas too.

Rand Paul writing in the neoconservative National Review says that the Obama administration is showing too much restraint toward the fact that Fatah has now allied with (a faction that he views as terrorist) Hamas. Paul who in the past has said that he stands for a non-interventionist foreign policy, clearly seems to not be adhering to that worldview in this case. Paul would have all US aid to the Palestinian Authority curtailed via a bill that he has proffered in the United States Senate entitled, “The Stand With Israel Act.” Paul also seemingly fancies himself a self-styled judge, jury and executioner — or so it would seem, as he has fingered Hamas for the recent murder of three adolescent boys. However, there is no evidence that has emerged, as of yet that Hamas is in fact the culprit for this sordid crime. Only the say-so of the Likudnik government of Israel which, of course, I don’t think it is too much of a leap to weigh in on that that government’s proclamations/pronouncements are indeed spurious — at best — and that is to say the absolute very least.

It is all the Shiites who have helped Hamas/Gaza militarily. Shia Iran, Hezbollah and Syria are all Shia or Shia-linked countries/entities. Syria is Arab nationalist, but Assad is a practicing Alawite, which is a Shia offshoot as I understand it.

Sunni and Shia fundamentalists do not get along as I understand it. There have been efforts in history, I think, to bridge the divide but Sunni/Shia relations are strained in many parts of the Middle East, currently, as per my understanding.

Qatar is presently trying to work to bring Hamas under its thumb in Gaza. I think Hezbollah and Hamas, however being the tips of the spear against Israel — there’s a bond there — (and with Hezbollah’s strong ties to Syria and Iran), I don’t think Qatar has fully succeeded yet with the designs that it has on Gaza. Egypt/Mohamed Morsi is immensely influenced by Qatar, but I’ve not seen where he’s helping in their plans vis a vis Gaza. Morsi could be a valuable tool for them, but then again he’s got so many of his own internal problems.

The Axis of Resistance was Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, and Iran. I don’t know if Hamas is presently a “good standing member”, or not at all. As I’d said earlier I think Hezbollah and Hamas have an affinity for one another (and will continue to do so), they see the beast front-and-center, and so thusly they share and compare notes — and so I can’t see them totally breaking from one another. Remember it was Iranian Fajr-5 rockets that went through the US-taxpayer funded Iron Dome in Operation Pillar.

A final consideration to everyone. There is a group called the Alevis in the Middle East. I don’t know that much about them. They are mainly — if not entirely — Kurdish, and the same can be said for that exist/live in Turkey. I read an article from a very “learned” commentator recently, who was writing about all of the Alevis in Syria! Not rubbing it in, of course, I have the courtesy not to mention the writer’s name, and I’ve even read that some Middle Easterners are capable of confusing these two groups/identities!

Correction: I was inaccurate in saying Alevis are generally Kurds. Though it is accurate to say, it is a religion mainly of Turkey. According to Wiki 20% of Alevis are Kurds.

Hamas was based in Damascus, and now it has moved to Qatar. Moneybags Emir of Qatar,┬áHamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, has put a lot of bread into Gaza — an investment project worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The Gulf Arabs are knaves, though, routinely in line with U$terrorist/UK/NATO, and not to be trusted.

Hamas has long ago abandoned Assad. Their long term allies Hezbollah and Iran; however, did not do so. And moreover, it was Iranian made Fajr-5 rockets that aided the Gazan resistance in the latest Israeli barbarian attack/campaign on the Gazan people. Hamas is real stupid to do what they are doing, if Assad can capably thwart the bloodthirsty imperialists. Assad has been — and would have continued to be a much better ally to them than Qatar, or the other Gulf Arab states in my opinion. But probably now they have burned that bridge forever. Qatar and Turkey prodded Hamas to abandon one of their Axis of Resistance allies (the others Iran and Hezbollah), but at least one Hamas official acknowledged when vacating, “We have to go. But you have to understand that we have a sense of gratitude to this regime. They did a lot for us. And there are a lot of intimate relations, on a personal level.”

It’s very strange, I don’t fully understand the whole scheme — that’s going on in the Middle East right now — all that well. In Israel Fatah, the only other Arab nationalist entity left other than Assad’s Syria, is given more respect — whilst Hamas is considered to be terrorist. Hamas, for all intents and purposes, is the Muslim Brotherhood, and Morsi, as of yet, has done very little to help them. President Obama has infamously publically stated of Egypt/Morsi, “[we do not] consider [them] an ally… we [don’t] consider them an enemy.” The NATO/Gulf Arab plan seems to be bringing Muslim Brotherhood governments to all of the non-GGC (Bahrain, Kuwait Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar) countries.

I believe that the benighted GCC countries would find secularism as a catalyst for their people demanding more liberties, as opposed to Muslim Brotherhood governments; that would probably be more repressive, though less so when compared to the GCC ones. Additionally, the GCC countries lay claim to being Muslim, so they don’t want a “secular contagion”, I don’t think, in their region also.

The US/NATO aim in the destabilization of Syria, seems to have the intended purpose of upturning the anti-Israel/US Axis of Resistance. Hamas’ status in this axis is, of course, now very nebulous. We should keep in mind, in spite of that, it was the Iranian Fajr-5 rockets; that went through the much-touted, US taxpayer-funded Iron Dome. So on the one hand the bringing down of Assad’s Syria adds up, although, this strange strategy of bringing the Muslim Brotherhood all over the Middle East; meanwhile condemning them in Israel, seems rather perplexing — does it not? My decoder ring, can’t unscrew this irregularly difficult brain teaser, I look forward to reading insight and analyses from other bright minds, however, who can and will do so.